Tone City pedal clone list

Tone City provides micro effect pedals that is of high quality and low price. Here’s a list of what those pedals are based on:

Tone City PedalType of EffectBased on...
Flexo DriveOverdrive, Boostn/a
Mad StoneFuzzn/a
All SparkBoostn/a
Angel WingChorusBOSS CE-3
Bad HorsieOverdriveKlon Centaur
Black TeaDistortionCarl Martin AC-tone
Comp EngineCompressorn/a
Dry MartiniOverdriveFulltone OCD
Fuxx FuzzFuzzFulltone Ultimate Octave Fuzz
Metal StormDistortionMarshall-like/high gain
Golden PlexiOverdriveCarl Martin Plexi Tone (Marshall like)
Kaffir LimeOverdriveXotic BB-preamp / Tube Screamer
MandragoraOverdriveKalamazoo Love Pedal
Summer OrangePhaserMaxon 909 style
Sweet CreamOverdriveMad Professor Honey Overdrive
Tape MachineDelayMad Professor Deep Blue Delay
Tiny SpringReverbn/a
Wild FireDistortionSuhr Riot
Model MDistortionMarshall like, classic rock
King of BluesOverdriveAnalogman King of Tone
Wild FroDistortionTC Wild Fire
DP DurpleOverdriveTC Mandragora
Model BDistortionMesa Boogie like