Love Her All I Can by KISS|Rhythm Guitar lesson with Tabs

So sorry I missed this Thursday release but here’s the video – rhythm guitar lesson for Love Her All I Can by KISS! I am pretty sure a lot of you will like this! Eventhough this song has seldom been done live I know a lot of KISS fans like this song and it’s no wonder… The song IS great and it’s a fantastic lead perfromed by Ace!

Speaking of lead – that lesson will come in another video, just did not have time to do it here. One reason is, like mentioned in the video, that it has been 10-12 years since I put down that solo. It isn’t note by note as Ace played it but very closed so I will have to analyze it and TAB it (and learn to playback it!) before I do a video of it. It’ll likely be the next video coming up!

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00:07 – Playthrough with Tabs
02:45 – Detailed rhythm guitar lesson
05:41 – End talk

All guitars & mix – Magnus Cassersjö
Bass – Björn ‘Burnie’ Öhman
Drums – Magnus Jägbring
Vocals – Valentine Pecovnik

Equipment used:
I really have no idea what guitars where used here as it’s 10+ years since I recorded it…
Probably I used a Line 6 PodXT for the guitars.

KISS – Love Her All I can

The Nazz – Open My Eyes

Ace Frehley Providence 5/28/95 – Love All I Can

Bonus: Anthrax – Love Her All I can

Profiles used for this recording:

In the detailed lesson I’m using a profile from
Warm Chord Music – Bad Dreams

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