Crunch Distortion by Harley Benton|Review & Giveaway

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So, this is a review of the Crunch Distortion from Harley Benton, sold by Thomann in Germany. And it is also a giveaway of that very pedal that you see and hear in the video! The Crunch Distortion is a very good name of the pedal, that will give you a (in my opinion) raw distorted sound. I like it!

I have made a promise to throw a giveaway for every 1000 sub’s I get. So join in, why don’t you? It’ll be very much appreciated. A big Thanks to all of you who already subscribes!!!

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01:04 – Marshall Ultra Gain channel – no pedal
01:38 – Controls of the Crunch Distortion (Ultra Gain channel)
05:06 – Marshall Classic Gain – no pedal
05:29 – Crunch Distortion on the Classic Gain channel
07:02 – Crunch Distortion & Gibson Explorer
08:26 – Crunch Distortion & MJT Telecaster
10:00 – End words & giveaway info

Equipment used in this video:
Harley Benton Crunch Distortion
Tokai LC107-S ‘Love Rock’ (Tokai PAF MK2S)
Gibson Explorer Tribute/B2 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
MJT VFF Telecaster (Nocaster/Twisted Tele)
Marshall DSL20h
Harley Benton G212 Vintage Vertical Cab
Zoom H4n recorder

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