Mooer Audio pedal clone list

Mooer Audio has a wide range of small (micro) guitar pedals and many of them are built on classic stomps from other manufacturers. Here’s a list that reveals what those pedals are based on:

Mooer Audio PedalType of EffectBased on...
001 Gas StationPreampDiezel Hagen
002 UK Gold 900PreampMarshall JCM900
003 Power-ZonePreampKoch PowerTone
004 Day TripperPreampVox AC30
005 Brown Sound 3PreampEVH 5150 MKIII
006 US Classic DeluxePreampFender Blues Deluxe
007 Regal TonePreampTone King Falcon
008 Cali-MK3PreampMesa Boogie Mark III
009 BlacknightPreampEngl Blackmore
010 TwoStonesPreampTwo Rock Coral
011 Cali-DualPreampMesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
012 US Gold 100PreampFriedman Brown Eye BE-100
013 MatchboxPreampMatchless C30
014 Taxidea TaxusPreampSuhr Badger
015 Brown SoundPreampPeavey 5150 MKI
016 Phoenix PreampEngl Fireball 100
017 Cali-MKIVPreampMesa Boogie Mark IV
018 Custom 100PreampCustom Audio Electronics OD-100
019 UK Gold PLXPreamp1959 Marshall Super Lead Plexi 100
020 BluenoPreampBruno Underground 30
AcoustikarAcoustic Guitar SimulatorBOSS AC-2
Ana EchoAnalogue Echo/DelayBOSS DM-2
Black SecretDistortionProCo RAT
BladeMetal DistortionEHX Metal Muff (could also be: BOSS Metal Zone MT-2
Blue CompCompressorBOSS CS-1
Blue FazeFuzzArbiter Silicon Fuzz Face (now developed by Dunlop)
Blues CrabOverdriveMarshall Blues Breaker
Blues MoodOverdriveBOSS Blues Drive BD-2 (with Keeley Fat Mod built in)
Cruncher DistortionMI Audio Crunch Box
EcholizerDelayMaxon AD999 Analogue Delay
ElecladyAnalogue FlangerEXH Electric Mistress
Ensemble KingChorusBOSS CE-2
Flex BoostBoosterXotic AC Booster
Fog Bass FuzzFuzzZvex Woolly Mammoth
Funky MonkeyAuto-whaBOSS AW-2
Graphic BGraphic EQ for bassBOSS GEB-7
Graphic GGraphic EQ for guitarCompared with Maxon GE-601
Green MileOverdriveIbanez TS-9
Grey FazeFuzzDunlop Germanium Fuzz Face
Hustle DriveOverdrive & DistortionFulltone OCD
LoFi MachineSample reducerOriginal design, bit cruncher type
Micro ABYSwitchEHX Switchblade
Micro ABY MKIIISwitch Fender Micro ABY
Ninety OrangePhaserMXR Phase 90
Pitch BoxPitch ShiftLoosely based on BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter
Pure BoostBoostXotic RC Booster
Pure OctaveOctaverInspired by the BOSS octave pedals
Rage MachineMetal DistortionDigiTech Death Metal or Rage Master
ReechoDigital DelayBOSS DD-2
RepeaterDigital DelayInspired by Line 6 Echolizer?
Rumble DriveOverdriveLove Pedal Zen Drive
ShimverbReverbOriginal design
Slow EngineVolume SwellBOSS Slow Gear
Solo DistortionDistortionSuhr Riot
Bass SweeperDynamic Envelop FilterEHX Bassballs
ThunderballDistortion/FuzzEHX Bass Blogger
TrelicopterOptical TremoloDemeter Tremulator
Triangle BuffFuzzEHX Big Muff
Ultra Drive MKIIIDistortionBOSS DS-1 (with the Keeley mod built in)
Yellow Comp CompressorDiamond Compressor