Have Guitar T-shirt Store

Here are the t-shirt designs that I sell… well, actually I’ve made them as I like to wear them myself but why not offer my gand designs to the world? Seriously, if you like any design feel free to buy it – every cent I make will right into equipment to show off on Have Guitar’s videos.

Note I’ve had to setup two shops;  the SE is for people who live in Europe and the COM is of course for people in the US of A.

Have Guitar Classic Logo

Have Guitar Modern Logo

Have Guitar Large Alternative Logo

Have Guitar Binding Logo

Have Guitar Stylish Logo

Have Guitar Whats Words Worth Logo

Have Guitar Shout Out Logo

Shred til you’re Dead – available with text or chords

Simple Math (fun for any guitarist!)

Spiral Architect – for any Black Sabbath Fan!

Live Wire – for any AC-DC fan!

Casablanca Records Logo – available in Red or White, the classic record label that any KISS fan should be familiar with!

The Loft – YES – it is the adress of KISS’ first rehearsal loft… classic and legendary ground.

Europeans – go to the Swedish store to order.

USA – go to the English store to order.