Video tip: Fixing a Chinese Ace Frehley Les Paul (1997 model)

Ever seen one of those cheap Chibsons (China Gibson copy) and been tempted to buy one? Don’t. Have a look at this video to see what it takes fix one to a playable state instead. Well, even if you haven’t considered buying one it’s still worth watching. Actually it’s three videos but you know more is more. Cus Yngwie said so.

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Video tip: The story of Fulltone OCD

ToneJunkie really lives up his name, just watch this video… not only will you get a detailed account for the revision history of every version of this great overdrive pedal but also sound examples from them. Side by side! So worth watching if you’re a guitar geek like me!

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Video-tip: Chappers Top 5 guitars

If you’re into guitars, and I guess you are as you are here, here’s a video tip for ya; Rob Chapman and his top 5 guitars from the past 10 years. Shredding by all means but guitars always gets my attention… and Rob seems like a really nice guy too. 🙂

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Marco Parisi plays Hendrix Little Wing on keyboard

This has been out for a while now but I just watched it and thought I’d share it… Hendrix on a keyboard? You bet. I think it is very cool, he’s a really good keyboard player – that’s for sure! The keyboard is a Seaboard RISE 49, see a link to it below the video.

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Seaboard RISE 49