Windows 10 Creators Update problems and issues

So, when I went out to the studio today to try some new profiles with my Kemper, a most unwelcome message rolled up on my screen. Something like:

“Hi. Your PC is being improved be patient until the update is done”.



The looks of Windows 10 was changed. My classic shell start menu had to be reconfigured. The systray clock was black. When I started Reaper my VST plugins told me the computer id had changed and they wanted me to re-register the computer. What the heck?! And if that was bad the worst part was that all my IN’s on my Focusrite Saffire 6i6 (2nd gen) was dead. None of them worked and first I thought I had accidently pressed some button on the Kemper but, it worked fine when I hooked it up directly to my active studio monitors.

Windows 10 Creators Update. We must learn to kill it on sight or so it seems at least. So if you’re unlucky like me, fret nu – Have Guitar have the solution for you – roll back that blasphemy!


Added a video that will show you (text description below the video):

Here’s how-to:

Start Menu, Next then click on Settings (PC settings if you run classic shell like me)
Click on Update & Security
In the left menu, click on Recovery
Click on Go back to an earlier build (note: seems to have 10 days to do this so don’t wait!)
Then just follow the on screen instructions and don’t take any heed to the warnings that windows pops up!

Well, there you have it. Works also if you get some other updates that ruins things fot you. I hope someone else will have use for this!