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Feel free to check out and follow my FB page Have Guitar! From December the 1st to 30th there will be an album tip every day… some might be classics but I sure hope I will be able to present some new musical inspiration to you. It’s kinda like an Advent calender. You got nothing to loose!


Official Victory profiles!

So, I just found that Victory amps has released their official profile packs for the Kemper Profiling Amp! That’s quite something!! Currently there is five amps available as profile packs: V40 DeLuxe, V30 The Countess MKII, Sheriff 44, V130 The Super Countess & VX The Kraken. Available as single packs for £4.99 (6.40 USD or 5.6 EUR) or all five for £19.99 (25.65 USD or 22.45 EUR). Gotta get some of them and try’em out!

Official Victory Kemper Profiles

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Have Guitar premiere: Pedal Frenzy

So, Youtube has given me access to a new feature called “premiere” and as it has been awhile since I did a Pedal Frenzy / review and as I have changed the format a bit I thought I’d test this feature…

The premiere will take place on Have Guitar’s Youtube channel the 15:th of November, 06:00 PM (1800 in 24h-mode) US Central Time. So this is an “early warning” and I have no idea how this will work out… but I gotta try it right?

The Pedal Frenzy video will be live at the above given time/date on this URL. I suppose that won’t work until a couple of minutes before the video starts.

The ReVerend G 120 Experiment V4 by Live Ready Sound

This a new pack from Live Ready Sound and these Kemper profiles seeks to recreate the sound from a ReVv The Generator MKii 120 watt head. I will release a proper demo from this pack as soon as I can but right now my Kemper is on its way back to Germany, due to the previously mentioned DSP error…

I did try out these profiles quickly before sending it off and well… all I can say they are brutal – in a good way! The pack contains 111 profiles so far and more is coming. Follow the link to Live Ready Sound for some sound examples.

… and I almost forgot; the pack is on sale right now so act before the price goes up!

LRS – ReVerend G 120

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Reading tip: Seth Lover – the inventor of the Humbucker guitar pickup

Just published on Reverb, an article anyone interested in guitars should read. The interview hasn’t been published before and well, according to me, this guy has some interesting thing to say about the iconic humbucker that he invented!

To the interview

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