Halloween 2 cab pack by ML Sound Lab (Impulse responses/cabs demo)

Been a long time since I featured a impulse response’s video but here’s a new one! In this video I try out the Halloween 2 cab pack from ML Sound Lab, must it’s a bunch of very nice cab’s!

If you dont’ know what an impulse response is. well, in short it is a digital representation of a guitar cabinet. If you wanna know more about just google it or check out the link provided below!

The cab’s/IR’s that are included in the ML Sound Lab Halloween 2 cab pack are (for more info check out the link to ML Sound Lab below):

Mega Djent Mesa Boogie Oversized 4×12
Mega Oversize – Mesa Boogie Oversized Straight 4×12
For Destruction – British 4×12 signature cab (1500 made)
Mega Green – 1990s UK made Celestion™ T1220 Reissue Greenbacks with the “6402” cones loaded in the legendary “P3” Mesa™ Boogie 4×12
70s Boomtown – 1971 Sound City 4×12
70s Tony – 1973 Laney Klipp 4×12
Mars PR-M75 – Vintage British 4×12

Video index:
01:25 – How to load IRs into the Kemper profiling amp
02:25 – Deluxe 65 original cab (Fender Deluxe Reverb)
03:13 – Deluxe 65 with ML Sound Lab cabs
04:47 – Bogner Ecstacy profile original cab
06:03 – Bogner Ecstacy with ML Sound Lab cabs
08:20 – Hameron (Cameron CCV 100) direct profile with ML Sound Lab cabs
10:39 – VOX AC15HW with original cab
11:33 – VOX AC15 HW with ML Sound Lab cabs
13:16 – End words

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Equipment used:
NL Sound Lab Halloween 2 cab pack
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Cab packs @ ML Sound Lab

Ultimate Guide to Impulse Responses for Guitarists

Kemper Profiling Amp

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Alnico Gold Kemper Cab Pack by ToneJunkie (Kemper profile cabs demo)

Cab Showcase by Have Guitar

It’s been forever since I did a cab testing video but now when ToneJunkie has released no less than three packs of cabs for the Kemper Profiling Amp it’s time to go! This is the ‘Gold Alnico’ Kemper cab pack and it contains 10 close mic’d captures of a 2×12 Alnico Gold. Of course they will go nicely with ToneJunkies own profiles but most likely with others as well!

The microphones that has been used to create these cab’s are as follow: Shure SM57, Sennheiser e906, Shure SM7B, Cascade Fathead 2 & Royer 121. The reader who pays attention will now burst out with a “That’s not ten different microphones!!”. No, that is correct. Some of the cabs has been created using combinations of the above mentioned microphones.

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01:37 – Some kind of explanation on how to import the cab file to your Kemper.
03:12 – ToneJunkie Peaty 100 – Petey 100 D CB 1 1, gain 2/10.
05:20 – Profile from an Orange Thunder 30, gain 5/10.
07:35 – Sucker Free Gear – Cameron CCV 800 mid2, gain 8/10.
09:49 – Conclusion aka diary of a madman

Equipment used:
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1976
Kemper Profiling Amp

Kemper Profiling Amp

ToneJunkie – Gold Alnico Kemper Cab Pack

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Sony XLR-K2M, Rode NT-2a, edited in Reaper DAW and Davinci Resolve.
Guitar signal line (unless other noted) is Kemper – SPDIF – Focusrite Saffire 6i6 2nd gen – USB -Computer/Reaper.

Live Ready Sounds A Typ 2×12 Speaker Cabinet Impulse Response Set

Have Guitar tests out impulse response files for the Kemper Profiling Amp. This is the first time I have explored the possibilities of replacing the cab of a Kemper profile with a 3rd party impulse response file. It’s close to reamping as the cab really affects the sound you will get out, giving you a plethora of options that you can apply and change after the guitar is recorded.

In this video I’m testing Live Ready Sounds A typ 2×12 Speaker Cabinet Impulse Response Set, applying these IR:s on profiles from Live Ready Sounds (Triple Rectified EL34 profile pack). You will get sound examples from clean, crunch and high gain sounds, all lined/recorded directly into Reaper for the best audio quality.

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Guitars used in this video:
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)

Live Ready Sounds Kemper profiles and Impulse Responses

Kemper Rig Showcase: Live Ready Sounds Triple Rectified EL34

Kemper official website

Ignite Amps Nadir

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