Guitar Backing Track #8 in B – Slow Blues 80 BPM

Have Guitar is happy to give you another backing track for guitar solo practise. This one is clearly inspired by Led Zeppelin but not a straight off clone. It’s slow moving in 80 BPM, kinda heavy and veeeery groovy, baby. Did I mention its blues? No? Well it is but not trad blues.

All guitars & base played by Magnus Cassersjö. Addictive Drums 2 arranged by Magnus Cassersjö. Keyboard by Christer Sundh. Recorded and mixed in Reaper.

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This backing track is available with or without commentary, see the videos linked below the text.

ReampZones Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee (used in the example solo)

Pete’s Profiles (the guitar in the track is played with a univibe profile)

Live Ready Sounds (Base sound comes from their Traced Bass pack)

XLN Audio (Addictive Drums 2)

Kemper official website

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