Envenom by Age of Woe|A beer & an album #2

This is a review of the album Envenom by Age of Woe and the beer SmÃ¥lands Eko! This is the ‘first season’ of this video series, where thought is … a beer and an album and me throwing in my opinions. Easy as that. Let’s hope YouTube and who ever owns the musical rights realizes that this IS reviews that will hopefully gain some positive attention the artists.

Age of Woe was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2010. According to Wikipedia their music is around punk and metal with pieces of death, doom, sludge and hardcore. Envenom is Age of Woe’s latest album and well, it’s great!!

I hope you’ll enjoy this new concept, I’ll have to see how well it’s recieved before I decide to record more episodes. There’s eight videos recorded already and once they’re published we’ll see… Anyways, wanna see more? Use the link provided and subscribe! And as always – a very big Thank You to all you who already do!!!

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Age of Woe – Homepage

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