VST plugins – How to install & find them!

How do you install VST plugins & instruments to your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and where do you find them? It’s really not that complicated but still a question I get quite often. So I decided to make this video, hopefully that will be helpful for those who just don’t know how to…

I should make a note that I am using Reaper as DAW, so while Reaper of course is being used in this tutorial, I’d say the things I talk about here is applicable for a majority of DAW’s, be it ProTools, Cubase, Cakewalk etc.

Things are adressed in this video: installing DAW and releated software across multiple hard drives, where to place your plugins and instruments, how to make sure that your DAW finds the installed software and how to add it to a track… and some more! The video actually came out a bit longer than I had anticipated but, well, I hope there’s no waste of time despite that fact.

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Equipment used:
Reverb SOLO (free VST plugin)


Reverb SOLO (free) VST plugin

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