Playlist on Youtube – “Classic Rock”

So, I created a playlist on Youtube that I named “classic rock”. I’m kinda loose when it comes to the definition of that term but still… thought maybe some others might like this. So far I have 559 tracks on the playlist and I expect it to grow as time passes!

I would really have prefered to go all official music videos for the list but unfortunately that isn’t possible. I have been using this principle in general:

1 Official music video
2 Fan made music video
3 Live performance (if the sound is good enough)
4 Still picture(s) or Lyrics videos

Hope you’ll like it and let me know if you have any suggestions for new tracks that should added!

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Video-tip: Brown Sabbath – Faries Wear Boots

Covers can be fun when they are performed in a completely different way than the original and still in a way that is enjoyable… So, that’s the case (according to me) with this cover of Faries Wear Boots by Brown Sabbath, originally by Black Sabbath – of course!

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Video-tip: Larger than Life (unauthorized KISS documentary)

Got this tip from my friend Klas H and I must say I liked this KISS doc very much – it has a personal touch from a fan perspective that I like and you get rid off the usual “official bull”… if you know what I mean. Clearly worth an hour to watch.

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Mastodon in the studio

Mastodon is another one of those bands I’ve been aware of (for many years!) but just recently started listening to – and they are a great band if you like the heavier side of music. Anyways, here’s a little video of them in the studio that I stumbled across on Youtube:

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