Upgrade yer Kemper! Public Beta

It’s just a short little instructional video on how to upgrade your Kemper and in this case with the latest beta firm ware patch – Kinda like an upgraded version on my previous videos on this topic… kinda.

Well, I hope someone will have some use of it! Here’s the content of the upgrade:


added: Mix parameter in Treble Booster and Lead Booster
added: Ducking parameter, if Treble Booster or Lead Booster are used in stereo Modules
changed: Mix control of Distortion effects improved. Level is unity at Mix 0%
changed: Direct Out/Send muted immediately, if Effect Loop gets deactivated
changed: reduced latency of Pitch Shifter effects incl. Transpose
changed: sound of Formant Shifter improved in combination with Pitch Shifter effects
changed: Freeze Formants in Pedal Pitch improved
changed: Freeze Formants option added in Pedal Vinyl Stop
changed: Formant Shift as continuous controller in Pedal Pitch not useful and obsoleted

User Interface

added: Remote supports Profiler Mode
added: new MIDI option Pedals to MIDI in System Settings enables pedal controllers CC#1, 4, 7, and 11 to be sent to two external MIDI devices, even if triggered by pedals connected to Profiler or Remote
added: Master Volume display reflecting all output volumes to better illustrate its functionality
added: with the new option Signal LEDs Blue in the System Settings the color of the Input and Output LEDs can be changed
added: new warning indicating MIDI buffer overflow, if too many program chances are received within too short time frame
added: Profiler does not try to restore corrupted backup files
fixed: MIDI clock display stabilized
fixed: correct handling of Pedal Volume after Rig change, if WahPedal to Volume is enabled
fixed: correct processing of MIDI controlling changes immediately following a program change
fixed: logical conflicts between Morph Pedal and Morph Button
fixed: disabled Slots accidentally appear as enabled
fixed: Uno4Kemper conflict with relative addressing in Browser Mode
fixed: default Pitch if WahPedal to Pitch or MorphPedal to Pitch are activated.
fixed: Tuner Mode exits Performance scrolling
fixed: erroneous Locking after Mode changes
fixed: erroneous Morphing of Slot 4 in Performance edit buffer after restar
fixed: polarity option for external switches gets ignored, if a pedal is configured
fixed: correct handling of Delay on/off Tail triggered via external switch
changed: Power Amp On instead of Power Amp in PowerHead and PowerRack Output Section
changed: scale of Crystal Mix und Pitch Mix parameter changed to 0-100%
changed: option to display time on Remote on page Date and Time in System Settings (had been hidden feature before)

Kemper amps

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Rig Manager Update 2.0.18

A short informational video about the Kemper Rig Manager update 2.0.18. It fixes some problems and that is of course a good thing but I believe the best part are the new free profiles that gets installed with the update. Have Guitar takes you along the upgrade process and reveals what awaits you after the upgrade…

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