Dummble Pack by Top Jimi (Kemper profiles demo)

Rig Showcase by Have Guitar!

Here’s a demo of the Dummble Pack from Top Jimi – it’s a great pack of tones here according to my opinion and taste! It’s a big pack with over 100 profiles and it’s not very expensive.

So, Dummble you say? Seems there’s a lot of various Dumble sounds floating around. And I guess that isn’t surprising considering a used Dumble amp can cost way over 100 000 USD!! So these profiles comes from a Ceriatone Overtone Special (100 watts), and that should be a ‘clone’ of an original Dumble amp (and a lot cheaper by that!).

Clone may sound a bit degrading, I don’t really care because it sounds great! Rich tones, great gain sound and various styles of sound is what this pack from Top Jimi will get ya and I hope my demo shows that. Me? I really digg this pack, it is a keeper for sure!!

This profile pack contains both studio as well as merged profiles, profiled with three different speakers; 12″ Celestion Vintage 30, 1970 12″ Celestion 25W Greenback and 1967 12″ Celestion 20W Greenback.

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Equipment used:
Harley Benton TE70 Black Paisley (Fender Texas Specials)
Gibson Explorer Tribute B-2 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
Fulltone OCD
Kemper Profiling Amp

Dummble Pack @ Top Jimi

Dumble Amplifiers @ Wikipedia

Ceriatone Amplifiers

Kemper Profling Amp

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Satch 410 Pack by Top Jimi Profiles (Kemper profiles demo)

Satch 410 Pack by Top Jimi Profiles (Kemper profiles demo)
Rig Showcase by Have Guitar!

Welcome to another Kemper Rig Showcase! By popular demand I give you a demo of Top Jimi’s Satch 410 Pack – a pack that recreates the sound of a Marshall JVM410HJS! What’s that?! Well, it the Joe Satriani signature head (100 watts)!

I don’t think Satriani needs an introduction but if you don’t know, take a look at his official webpage – link provided below. So obviously this is a collaboration between Satriani and Marshall and here’s a quote from Top Jimi’s webpage: “…the JVM410HJS takes the regular JVM410 to new sonic heights. The channels are each re-voiced to Joe’s specifications. With 3 distinct channels instead of 4, the 4th channel is a copy of channel 3 (overdrive) to allow two different overdrive settings for live use”.

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Equipment used in this video:
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
Ibanez DTT700 (DiMarzio D Activator-X)
Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
Jim Dunlop Zakk Wylde Cry Baby Wha
MXR ZW-44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive
Kemper Profiling Amp

Top Jimi’s Satch 410 Pack

Marshall webpage

Joe Satriani webpage

Guitar World review JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Head

Kemper official website

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Gibson 2019 Explorer Tribute – Test & Review

Gibson 2019 Explorer Tribute – Test & Review
Guitar Review by Have Guitar

Heeeeello Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019! Yeah, I know… Gibson isn’t what they used to be and the financial problems and quality issues with some years. Still, old habits die hard and I have been into Gibson way back. So far back it actually started when I was kid – many years before I even got a chance to pickup an electric guitar. For me, they just have a special place in my heart – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be critical when needed.

The original Explorer model has been one of my favourite models for a long time, I have played a few but the only one I actually bought was an Ibanez Destroyer (reissue of the original Destroyer). I had also promised myself not buy any more gear for good while ahead… and then came the Gibson 2019 lineup. Uhm. And Andertons had the Explorer Tribute in stock. Did you hear a breaking sound? Yup, that was my promise to myself that broke.

Well, there you have the some background to why I bought this guitar, unplayed and untested from the UK. The rest of the review and my rants are in the video – of course together with a good bunch of sound demos. Also see the index below for your convinience, if you wanna skip to some specific part of the video review.

00:38 – What’s in the case
02:54 – Specifications Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019
05:48 – Clean to Low gain sound demos
08:30 – Ramblings about the purchase
10:49 – Mid gain sound demos
13:30 – High gain sound demos
15:52 – Conclusion (yep, it’s long!)

If you think the conclusion is too long (and some people will think just that!) just read the below. Just warning you, this is a very compressed version of it:

Cool looking guitar unless you like fancy stuff
Plays great
Sounds great
Quality is good, no dead frets or fret buzz
Great service from Andertons

No fancy details if you’re into that
Extremely ugly softcase
No hardcase
Somewhat pricey for a Tribute model

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Equipment used:
Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019
Kemper Profiling Amp

Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019

Tektoid (nut material) explained

Gibsons current Explorer models

Gibson Explorer @ Wikipedia

List of Kemper Profiles used in this video:

Live Ready Sound (Butah Zen’d, ReVerend G120 & Juiced Rocker MKIII)

Mattfig (Sheeva EL34)

ReampZone (Freedman BE-100, Diezel Einstein 100 & Sir Badger 18)

SGL Profiles (Shockerverb)

SinMix (Diamond Pack)

ToneJunkie (Spanky Chimey & 65 England)

Top Jimi (Stevens 100)

Kemper Amps

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Kemper Jubilee Rig Showcase: Top 5 profile packs from the last year!

Have Guitar is honored to give you the One Year Jubilee Kemper Rig Showcase – I can’t belive a whole year has passed since the first Kemper Rig Showcase was published here at Have Guitar!

Short history of Have Guitar!:
In 2007 I noticed the increasing trend of Youtube and as I’ve always been fascinated by any terms of expressing your self through video I felt I wanted to start something too. Took until early 2009 before I actually did start the channel and uploaded my first video (Greco vs Gibson) but at that time I didn’t really have access to what it took to make a good video. Still content is king so that video took off with a quite impressive amount of views.

So job, small kids and other stuff took its toll and I didn’t have much time for making videos… FF to spring 2016, I had moved to a place where I could have a studio and I wanted to get back on track with playing the guitar again, something I hadn’t really been doing much for a way too long time. Then I bought my Gibson SG on a sale and that somehow made me think about the Youtube channel again – Have Guitar! was restarted even if the videos wasn’t exactly pouring out.

So sitting around with lots of profiles packs for my Kemper I thought to myself, that could be the starting base for the channel and then the 9th of September 2016 I published the first Kemper Rig Showcase, ReampZones Hughes & Kettner Triology. Still was a bit randomness to when I published videos for a few months and I think it was around January 2017 that I decided to go for the “a new video every thursday” concept.

So far, so good – been able to keep that up for nine months now – I have learnt a lot during these months and I’m pretty sure I will learn a whole lot more as time flies past. And I must say I succeeded in what my main motivation was – to inspire myself to play more guitar (after that too long break) and the cherry on the cake is that people have been watching the videos and given positive feedback and subscribed to my channel!

So with this video I just wanna say thanks for the likes, comments, views and subscribtions! Here you will get the Top 5 profile packs that has been showcased at Have Guitar for the past year. They are shown in no particular order so number one isn’t higher rated than number five, it’s just my favourite five rig packs tested out in my videos.

And HEY! If don’t wanna spoil which profilers are featured in the video you shouldn’t read any further until you have watched the video… because there’s links to their websites a bit down here so stop reading now and watch the video! 🙂

Thanks for all the support, I hope you will like this video and there’s more to come! As always, if you don’t subscribe please do so to support Have Guitar! – every individual counts and you will have my eternal gratitude, something that all of you who already do subscribe already have – Thanks! 🙂

Guitars used in this video:
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB)
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1976


M Britt Profiles

Live Ready Sounds

Top Jimi Profiles

Dr. Z amplification

Kemper official website

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Rig Showcase: Top Jimis Stevens 100 Pack

Have Guitar proudly presents a Rig Showcase for Top Jimis Stevens 100 Pack. A rig pack loaded with 20 Studio Profiles for your Kemper Profiling Amp. These profiles recreates the sound of the Friedman SS100, Steve Stevens signature model amp. For my part, I fell for this pack directly when I heard the demo at Top Jimis web page; I just had to get it and so I did! To me these profiles have a really nice character and a great sounding tone in them, but don’t take my word for it – listen to this Rig Showcase right now and make your own opinion.

In this Rig Showcase I will be using four different guitars to demo these profiles: Gibson Les Paul 1976, Gibson Ace Frehley Budokan Les Paul Custom VOS, ESP Phoenix II and the infamous Harley Benton Black Paisley (with Fender Texas Specials pickups). All in all a great set of electric guitars to provide very broad perspective of how these Kemper profiles actually sound. Most, if not all, of the sound examples will be lined recordings so you’ll know what it will sound like if you get this pack (and I think that you should…!).

This is what Friedman themselves write about the original amplifier:
“The SS100 is a 100-watt EL34 powered, two channel plus BOOST, high gain tone machine that is capable of producing many styles of music from blues to classic rock and from heavy rock to metal by simply adjusting the gain and master controls. Likewise the versatile and gorgeous clean channel is great for a whole palette of styles.

You will notice instantly, the tight bottom end and rich harmonically detailed chords and single notes. This amp cleans up remarkably well with the guitar’s volume control, even with the amp on higher gain settings. ”

And of course, I will do just that – rolling off the volume to show you how Top Jimis profiles handles that through the Kemper.

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Top Jimis Stevens 100 Pack

Friedman Amplification

Friedman Amps SS-100

Kemper official website

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Rig showcase: ChopTones Brit Mod/Vin 6622

Time for another Kemper rig showcase and in this video you’ll get a taste of the Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 amplifier in the shape of a Kemper profile pack from Choptone’s – Brit Mod/Vin 6622. This profile pack comes with 26 profiles and it sounds great!! The selection of profiles very much captures the capabilities of the original amplfiers – you’ll get clean, crunch and high gain profiles in a very useful mix.