S-Gear 2 by Scuffham – All the presets (Part 2: The Duke)

This is a five part video series where I demonstrate all the presets that comes with Scuffham S-Gear 2, so if you want a thorough overview of this VST plugin this might be it. As there are five different amps with in S-Gear 2 I have splitt this into five different videos, that will be release over a five week period (mainly because I don’t wanna clutter up my channels video feed!).

As a general overview of S-Gear 2: it’s a software that can be run as standalone or as a plugin in your DAW (digital audio workstation). S-Gear comes with five different amps, speaker cabinetts, tuner and effects (you can also use 3rd part cabs/IR’s). Feel free to have a look at my review video for more information about S-Gear 2 (link provided below). If you want to try it out, there’s a 10 day full featured trial available.

In this video the focus is on the amp named The Duke, based on amps like Dumble ODS and Fender Super Reverb. It’s a medium gain amp, very dynamic and touch sensitive. It is also the amp that has the most presets included; 43 of them.

Not sure if this is of interest but a note on the guitars used for these videos. The presets are not ordered by the amps so I just picked a guitar and recorded 10 presets, then I switched to another guitar and played another 10 presets and so on. So what guitar is used for which preset is kinda random! The way I recorded them is just hooking them up directly to my soundcard (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen) and then recorded some noodling in Reaper. Nothing added before or after, it is just as they come.

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Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Harley Benton TE70 Black Paisley (Fender Texas Specials)
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
G&L ASAT Z-3 (Z-coils)
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Gibson Explorer Tribute B-2 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
Ibanez DTT700 (DiMarzio D Activator-X)

Scuffham S-Gear 2

Have Guitar review of Scuffham S-Gear 2

All the presets, Part 1: Custom ’57

All the presets, Part 2: The Wayfarer

All the presets, Part 4: The Stealer

All the presets, Part 5: The Jackal

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And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar! Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Reaper DAW and edited in Davinci Resolve.

FX600 by Behringer (Effect pedal demo)

Pedal Frenzy by Have Guitar

This time around we’ll have a look the guitar multi-effects pedal FX600 from Behringer. This stomp pedal is an alternative for those who are on a tighter budget as it only costs around 20 euros (about 22 USD). The FX600 comes with no less than six different effects: Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Tremolo and Pitch Shifter. Maybe I should add this is a 24-bit digital effects pedal as well. (There isn’t much more technical spec’s available than this!)

Alright, so in this demo/review I will playing a Fender Stratocaster, through the Kemper Profiling Amp – the Behringer FX600 is hooked up through the Kempers FX loop. And if you didn’t – the Kemper takes pedals as well as any tube amplifier. I have chosen to use Kemper profiles from ToneJunkie’s 67 Supery Verb pack – Kemper profiles taken from a Fender Super Reverb from 67. I have consistently used one all clean profile and one slightly overdriven profile for all of the effects in the FX600.

Due to user failure all the closeups of the FX600 while playing with the clean profile was shot in timelapse mode, so there will not be any close-ups of that – sorry!

02:00 – Profiles used
03:19 – Flanger
05:12 – Chorus
07:33 – Phaser
09:23 – Delay
12:23 – Tremolo
15:06 – Pitch Shifter
17:06 – Conclusion

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Equipment used:
Behringer FX600
Fender Standard Stratocaster (HSS – Shawbucker, Custom 50’s singlecoils)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Behringer FX600 @ Thomann

Behringer website

ToneJunkie Store

Kemper Profiling Amp

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