Pedal Frenzy! Neunaber Immerse Reverberator

Have Guitar! is happy to present to you the stomp of the month, the pedal frenzy of Neunaber Immerse Reverberator! This pedal is designed to give you the best of the reverbs from the Neunaber Expanse and there’s some very nice reverbs coming out from this lil’ box. You will get no less than eight effects here: Wet, Hall, Plate, Spring, two “Shimmers”, wet+echo and wet+detune – where the last one is like a really sweet chrous effect.

(And Yes! I did add stills of the pedal eventhough I said wouldn’t… )

The Neunaber Immerse will give you a host great sounding reverb effects and as seen above you will get a delay and a chorus effect to add to that. The pedal has also tow additional switches; Kill Dry (where you only will hear the wet signal, the reverb so to speak) and Trails (where activated the reverb continues when you turn off the pedal). All in all – good sounding reverbs, a couple of extra effects and many many option to tweak the sound that you are after. Now… hit play on that video!

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Guitars used in this video:
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)

Neunaber Immerse

Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 and edited/rendered in Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14.

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Pedal Frenzy: BOSS PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter / Delay

Have Guitar proudly presents a new feature on this channel – Pedal Frenzy! Stomp of the Month!

Yep, that right. I’m gonna try to present a demo video with a stomp box at least once a month from now on. I have featured effects pedals before so this is a continued effort but more structured if you like…

First out is the Boss PS-3 Digital Delay / Pitch Shifter. Not a new pedal, rather even a vintage one as I’ve had it since at least the early 90’s. So take a look, a listen to this demo to see how it sounds and how it stands up to modern effects. The Boss PS-3 is still for sale in used condition every here and there so I am pretty sure people are still using it!

05:04 – Mode 1 Delay 32-125 ms
07:49 – Mode 2 Delay 125-500 ms
12:43 – Mode 3 Delay 500-2000 ms
14:12 – Mode 4 Single Pitch Shifter: Detune
16:09 – Mode 5 & 6 Single Pitch Shifter: +/- 2 octaves (Fast & Slow)
18:59 – Mode 7 Single Pitch Shifter: +/- 2 octaves (Inverse)
20:41 – Mode 8 Dual Pitch Shifter: Detune & Detune
22:09 – Mode 9 Dual Pitch Shifter: Detune & +/- 2 octaves
23:01 – End/Conclusion

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 in HD.

Guitars used in this video:
Gibson Les Paul ’76

ReampZones Dumble pack

BOSS Webpage

Kemper official website


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