Kemper Drive – New drive FX for the Kemper Profiling Amp

The drive effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp has finally got some updates! It is still in the beta version so you need to be willing to “take that risk” but it might be worth it. First out here is the Kemper Drive, an effect that is supposed to be more than just one drive!

That’s right, Kemper claims it’ll emulate no less than nine other overdrives; Ibanez/Maxxon TS808/TS9, Klon Centaur, BOSS OD-1/SD-1, Marshall Blues Breaker MkI, Analogman King of Tone, Timmy Overdrive and the Horizon Precision Drive. I decided to try out most the presets suggested by Kemper themselves and that is what you will find in this video. I can’t really say if they truly emulates the aformentioned drives but can testify the Kemper Drive sounds really good!! It’s a sweet and free addition to the already existing drive-effects within the Kemper.

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Equipment used:
Green ‘White Dove’ SG (Lundgren The One)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Kemper webpage

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