Thunderball by Mooer – Test, review & Giveaway!

Pedal Frenzy by Have Guitar

This video is a demo/review of the Mooer Thunderball pedal – distortion and fuzz in one stomp for your bass! I got this pedal as I wanted to add some grit to my bass sound, I know Mooer has produced some excellent guitar pedals. I’m not sure but it seems this pedal is discontinued, at least I could not it find on Mooers webpage ( but I did find it on Mooers UK-site.

So what does this effect pedal bring to the table? It’s small, not very expensive and has both distortion and fuzz built. Seemed like a great product but in my opinion it is not really up to par with the guitar pedals. But I guess it’s not a complete failure either, it depends on what kind of sound you’re after!

The sounds you can hear in this demo are a mixed source of the Trace Elliot being lined (XLR > Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd sound card) and the Fender Rumble 115 cabinet mic’ed with a Shure SM57. (Unless otherwise stated on-screen!) I found this being the best way to capture what it actually sounds like.

As said in the video – you could win this pedal! There are no hidden hooks here, all you need to do is to follow my instructions in the video and you have the chance of winning the Mooer Thunderball pedal! (The instructions are NOT to go to some sketchy website, it’s just what you should write to me in an email!) The exspence is on me and the only reservation is that I will not take any responsibility after the pedal has been posted, be it if it’s lost or any taxes etc in your home country.

Deadline for the giveaway: 12th of Spetember, 00:59, 2019.

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Video index:
00:34 – Mooer Thunderball Distortion sound demo
02:36 – Mooer Thunderball Fuzz sound demo
04:34 – End talk/conclusion

Equipment used:
Mooer Thunderball
Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro
Trace Elliot ELF Bass Head
Fender Rumble 115 Bass cabinet
Shure SM57

Mooer Thunderball pedal

Mooer webpage

Have Guitar review of Trace Elliot ELF & Fender Rumble 115 cab:

Have Guitar review of Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro:

Trace Elliot ELF Bass Head

Fender Rumble 115

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Micro Series Guitar Effect Pedals by Mooer (Unboxing video)

Unboxing by Have Guitar

This is a pure unboxing video, no sound demos in here so begone if that is what you are looking for!

Well, I had a couple of gift cards at this Swedish music store and … totally just went for it. I got three Mooer distortion stomps and one Reverb stomp. I am still amazed that the ShimVerb is based on the Strymon Big Sky! Full sound demoes will come as time ticks away. Who knows when?! I haven’t even had time to hook this mini pedals up yet !

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Equipment used:
Mooer Micro Series –
Ultra Drive MKII
Rumble Drive Overdrive
Blade Distortion
Kemper Profiling Amp

Mooer Audio webpage


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