Clean Gain Kemper Bundle by ToneCrate (Kemper profiles demo)

Rig Showcase by Have Guitar

It’s time for another Kemper Rig Showcase and here’s TonCrate’s Febuary Kemper bundle – Clean Gain! So previsously there has been a slight focus on the heavy stuff but here is the opposite just as the bundle name suggests. Here you will get a bunch of profiles on the low gain area, from clean to crunch I’d say.

As ToneCrate recommended I have added in the Electro Harmonix Soul Food overdrive. For those of you who don’t know about the Soul Food it’s practically a clone of the Klon Centaur – that means transparent overdrive. And what’s that? Well, I’d say it takes what you got soundwise and boosts that without too much coloration. It doesn’t mess around too much with EQ.

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Equipment used:
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1976
Fender Stratocaster American Standard 2014
Electro Harmonix Soul Food
Kemper Profiling Amp

ToneCrate webpage

Electro Harmonix webpage

Kemper Profiling Amp

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Video tip: Fixing a Chinese Ace Frehley Les Paul (1997 model)

Ever seen one of those cheap Chibsons (China Gibson copy) and been tempted to buy one? Don’t. Have a look at this video to see what it takes fix one to a playable state instead. Well, even if you haven’t considered buying one it’s still worth watching. Actually it’s three videos but you know more is more. Cus Yngwie said so.

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Five Facts you didn’t know about the GIbson SG

Here’s the last bonus video from Have Guitar! – all part of the one year jubilee, it’s been one year since I published the first Kemper Rig Showcase here at Have guitar!

Five facts that you don’t know about the Gibson SG. Or do you? That’s a really silly click-bait title! Maybe you have some even better facts? Show them in the comments if that’s the case! So this is the first video I publish that contains only facts in this way…

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Guitars “used” in this video:
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)

Gibson website

Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 and edited in Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14.

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Gibson USA 2018 Les Pauls

Not sure what you think but I’d say the Gibson 2018 lineup of models looks preetty sweet! And not only the Les Pauls… there’s nice Firebirds and Explorers as well.

The model I’m most interested in is the Gibson Les Paul Classic Ebony, with P90 pickups. I need a new Les Paul and I want P90s… how convinient isn’t that? I hope to be able to showcase one of those at Have Guitar! as soon as possible.

Here’s a showcase of some of those beautiful 2018 Les Pauls from Gibson on cortesey from Musician’s Friend !

Video tip: Billy Gibbons meets Les Paul

Well, I thought this is a video too cool not to share! Billy Gibbons is one of my favourite guitarists, especially on those classic ZZ Top albums from the 70’s. And Les Paul, well he is a legend. If you haven’t read about Les Paul you should, he was a genius. Would have loved seeing Billy rip it up with some classic ZZ Top tune but it’s still something worth seeing…

Les Paul on Wikipedia