JTM45 by Mattfig (Kemper profiles demo)

Is it a bird? Or a plane?! No, it’s Mattfigs new Kemper profile pack – the JTM45! Based on a classic Marshall amplifier model this is bound to give you a genuine Marshall sound. The first iteration of the Marshall came out in 1963 (according to Wikipedia, Marshall claims 1962!), more or less copying the Fender Bassman. Now that is a cool amp but Marshall is Marshall, like it or hate it!

You will find a good variation in this profile pack, if I should give you my personal recommendation it is to try raising the Clarity (amp)parameter. That is not exclusive for these profiles – many times when I feel I am a bit disatisfied with a profile, if the Clarity parameter is set to zero; boosting it gives a good return in many cases.

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Equipment used:
Gibson Explorer Tribute B-2 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
G&L Asat Z-3 (z-coils)
ToneCity Sweet Cream (OD pedal)
Kemper Profiling Amp

JTM45 @ Mattfig’s webshop

Marshall JTM45 2245 @ Marshall website

Marshall JTM45 @ Wikipedia

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