ToneCrate January 2019 (Kemper profiles demo)

ToneCrate January 2019 (Kemper profiles demo)
Pedal Frenzy by Have Guitar

Time for another Rig Showcase and now it’s to take a closer listen to ToneCrate’s January 2019 Kemper profile pack! This time around they have work together with Justin aufdemkampe (Miss May I) to create some fat and juciy tones for your pleasure…

ToneCrate has a subscription service that works pretty much like those lootcrate’s where you get different stuff sent home every month, but with ToneCrate you’ll get a bunch of Kemper profiles. These profiles are created in co-op with an artist and it’s not too expensive and quite fun and interesting to try out. For more info about ToneCrate follow the link provided below. If you don’t want to subscribe you can buy separate packs as well.

This pack has 10 profiles for your Kemper from some different amps and well, it is on the heavier side of things. Take a look and a listen, sure sounds good to me!

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Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II
Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition VSB
Kemper Profiling Amp

ToneCrate webpage:

Miss May I (band) at Wikipedia:

Kemper Profiling Amp:

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