Great Expectations by KISS (Lesson for guitar & bass)

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Time for a lesson on how to play Great Expectations by KISS. Both guitar and bass! Not overly comlicated but what a great song, if you ask me… this track comes from Destroyer and was released in 1976. As it happends it was the first rock album that I got my hands on and after that there was no turning back, whatever the current trends says (grin).

Some people might say that Destroyer was ‘over-produced’ but I think the sound of that album is fantastic, it kinda captures the image of KISS – especially in the new costumes they got for that album. From what I know the song has only been performed live once and that was during the recording of ‘Symphony Alive IV’, understandable as it kinda feels a bit empty when scaled down to just guitars, bass and drums.

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00:21 – Guitar lesson Verse
01:24 – Guitar lesson Bridge
03:01 – Guitar lesson Chorus
04:03 – Guitar sidetrack: Bridge
04:32 – Guitar lesson lead/melody part
05:32 – Bass lesson Verse
06:17 – Bass lesson Bridge
07:17 – Bass lesson Chorus

Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro (Gibson TB Plus)
Kemper Profiling Amp

KISS – Great Expectations

KISS – Great Expectations (live)

KISS – Great Expectations (Destroyer demo)

Guitars recorded with profiles from ReampZone (Marshall JCM800 & JMP 76 Super Lead)

Bass recorded with a Trace Eliott profile from Live Ready Sound

Drums created with Addictive Drums 2

Bells from Native Instruments Kontakt

Kemper Profling Amp

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And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar! Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Reaper DAW and edited in Davinci Resolve.

I Want You by KISS (Guitar & Bass Lesson)

Let’s Play! by Have Guitar

Got the steam up! Here’s another guitar and bass lesson for you who like classic hard rock – I Want You by KISS, from the album Rock and Roll Over. As I say in the video, this song is for me when Paul Stanley was at his peak of songwriting – it’s a simple riff based song but put together in a very appealing package. Personally I must I admire the ability to make so much out of so little – that’s bordeline genius in this context.

So I have split up this lesson as I usually do, into smaller parts… for the first time I’ll toss in parts of my recording of the song as a reference before the actual lessons. Hopefully it’ll make it easier and especially if you are not that familiar with the song (but you should listen to the original first!).

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01:17 – Intro of the song
02:27 – “Hard part” starts – Chorus, Verse & Bridge
07:09 – Leads (example)
07:40 – Rhythm guitars during the leads
10:18 – Paul Stanley lead guitar
12:04 – Ace Frehley lead guitar
13:49 – Bass lesson
16:29 – My version of I Want You, full version
19:27 – Conclusion…

Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1976
Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro
Kemper Profiling Amp

Kemper Profiling Amp

Live Ready Sound – Plexed for Kemper

KISS Rock and Roll Over @ Wikipedia

I want you (studio version @ YouTube)

I want you (live @ YouTube)

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Sony XLR-K2M, Rode NT-2a, edited in Reaper DAW and Davinci Resolve.
Guitar signal line (unless other noted) is Kemper – SPDIF – Focusrite Saffire 6i6 2nd gen – USB -Computer/Reaper.

Calling Dr Love by KISS (Guitar & Bass lesson)

Let’s Play by Have Guitar!

And now it’s time for a new guitar lesson, and actually bass lesson as well! As it was requested in another video, this is my take of KISS Calling Dr. Love. In this video you’ll get the whole package; rhythm guitars, bass lines and the solo part of the that song! This song is not overly complicated but if you like it, it’s fun to play never the less!

Just wanna say that my version of Calling Dr. Love, that you can find at the end of this video is a very simple recording! For the drums I usually take a midi file and use those drums with a VST instrument. In this case the midi version I found was not very good – it even started with a small drum solo… The guitars are just recorded once, I have not doubled them or anything like that. Still it works as a “blueprint” to practising. There is a version out on Youtube with almost only bass and drums that you can use if you want to – see the link further down.

Other than that I do not think this song requires any more detailed presentation. You might not like KISS and that is fine by me. People have lots of prejudices regarding the show and the makeup to this very day, which is kinda weired as every artist nowadays seems to have larger stage shows than KISS had in the 70’s. It’s a good stompin’ and hard driving rock tune, that’s all there is to it.

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00:04 – Intro
01:15 – Guitar: Intro and Verses
04:11 – Guitar: Bridge and Chorus
08:08 – Guitar: Lead / Solo
14:36 – Bass parts
19:03 – Calling Dr. Love – my version

Equipment used:
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1976
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2
Kemper Profiling Amp

Plexed for Kemper @ Live Ready Sound

Kemper Profling Amp

Calling Dr Love – drums and bass only

KISS Calling Dr. Love – Largo MD 1977

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And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar! Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Reaper DAW and edited in Davinci Resolve.