Kemper Effects: Reverbs!

Have Guitar takes a stint stare at the reverberation effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp. For the reverb effects in the KPA you’ll find five different types; Hall, Large room, Small room, Ambience and Matchbox. It’s a somewhat limited range of reverbs but it’s what’s available right now and in this video Have Guitar will go through them all and their settings.

Most of the sound examples are recorded / lined into Cubase to give you a clear sound of what it sounds like in a recording situation.

Guitar used in this video: Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2014 with a Shawbucker in the bridge position and Custom 50’s singlecoils.

Some say the effects in the Kemper Profling Amp are not that good but I really don’t know if I agree on that statement. Too me most of them sounds good enough or even better than that… but hey, that’s me. I’m known to prefer the digital reverb in the KPA over a real spring reverb…


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Mbritt profiles

Kemper official website

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Kemper Rig Showcase: ReampZones Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet

Have Guitar is uber-excited to present a new Kemper Rig Showcase – ReampZone’s Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet!

Yes, it’s a (almost) brand new rig pack from ReampZone and it’s brutal! So what the heck means uberschall anyways? It’s german and it means super sonic – it’s designed for heavy and aggressive music styles. According to Bogner themselves it works especially well with detuned and baritone guitars. I’d say it works quite well with ordinary guitars as well and not only for extremely hard music.

So, don’t confuse this amp with the ordinary Bogner Uberschall. The Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet was introduced in 2009 and the Twin Jet part of the name implies that it has two channels: one clean that can go from semi clean to hot rodded high gain and one super high gain channel and to this added controls. This amplifier has some really interesting tones and a sound of its own. Just listen and judge for yourself!

And… this is the first Kemper Rig Showcase where I use the new lights. Still dialing in the settings to make the video better but I would say goodbye to those dark videos we’ve seen in the past!

Also – this is the first (but not last) Rig Showcase where I use the Ibanez Destroyer – a killer guitar, watch out for a review of that guitar here at Have Guitar in a near future!

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Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet

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Guitars used in this video:

Ibanez DTT700 (DiMarzio D Activator-X)

Gibson Les Paul ’76

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Kemper Rig Showcase: Mattfigs Buddy and Camerica

(Sorry the planned video for ReampZones Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet had to be cancelled due to technical problems… working on solving that!)

Have Guitar is twice as happy as usual to be able to present to you – double feature Kemper Rig Showcase: Mattfigs Buddy and Camerica profile packs!

The Buddy profile pack is based on the Salvation Mods MTS Preamp Buddy – inspired by the american amplifier Budda® Superdrive 60 “with a unique vintage/modern feeling and very expressive voicings” according to the information on their website. To me it sounds like a more vintage style amp and it has some really good tones in it.

Buddy MTS at Salvation Audio

Buddy pack at Mattfig

Budda amplifiers

The Camerica profile back is based on Salvation Mods MTS preamp Camerica – inspired by the Cameron® Atomica amp (famous variation of Jose circuit), descibed as “High gain amp on HI mode, on LO mode hotrodded plexi with unique saturation”. This pack has some seriously good profiles and it sounds more “modern” than the Buddy.

Camerica MTS at Salvation Audio

Camerica pack at Mattfig

Cameron amps ( Facebook)

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Guitars used in this video:
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker and Custom 50’s singlecoils)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)

Kemper Amps

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Shape your tone: Kemper amplifier settings

Have Guitar! will take you through the settings for the amplifier section in the Kemper Profiling Amp in this video. These parameters can (and will) make a major difference for the sound you’re getting out from a profile. It’s just one of those things that’s good to know – for me it took awhile before I actually started using them but once you start modifying your sound with this selection, you will realize that it’s a very powerful set of tools at your disposal:

Definition (characteristic fingerprint of the preamp)
Power Sagging (interaction between the guitar signal and the distortion stage)
Pick (control the level and sharpness of the pick attack)
Compressor (different from the stomp compressor)
Clarity (changes the sound of the distortion in a new and unique way)
Tube Shape (controls the distortion characteristics of the tubes)
Tube Bias (influences the overtone structure of the distortion)
Direct Mix (can open up a parallel path to the amplifier distortion and mix a clean portion of the guitar to the distorted sound)

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The profile used in this video is Mattfig’s Vishnu pack:

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KISS – Shout it out Loud (cover)

OK, so here’s a cover from Have Guitar! – Shout it out loud, from the KISS-album Destroyer. This cover has a long story, started recording it in 2009 and obviously it took me seven years to finish it. Well, there’s been a lot going on during these years that has occupied my time but now it is finally here – released on the last day of 2016 – happy new year to y’all! Thanks to all of you who have been watching, commenting, liking and subscribing to my channel – it’s been a real inspiration to pick up the guitar again after not spending much time playing for several years… so thanks again!

This recording is dedicated to Burnie.

Did you know…

Bob Ezrin took the job on a recommendation from a teenager, who thought KISS was the next big thing.

Nowadays, the band holds the Destroyer album high but back in the day they all felt it was a step in totally wrong direction.

Shout it out loud peaked at postion 31 on the Billboard but went all the way to #1 on the Canadian singles charts.

The single version of the song is 12 seconds shorter than the studio version.

Recorded at various places, mixed at The Shrine of Distortion.
Burnie – Gene’s vocals & bass
Valle – Paul’s vocals and massive choirs
Arocker – Drums & Piano
Me – Guitar & prod

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Harley Benton Tele with Fender Texas Specials

So, here’s a crazy Have Guitar! video for you: a 160 dollar guitar with a set of 200 dollar Fender singlecoil pickups. Yes, it’s a Harley Benton TE-70 Black Paisley Telecaster model, Thomanns own house brand, on which I have switched the original pickups (Wilkinson) to Fender Texas Specials. In this video I’ll show you how I did it and of course you will get a side by side sound comparision of the pickups, using Kemper profiles ranging from clean to full high gain. So was it worth it? Bah, you gotta watch the video to find out, but have a look at the index below if you just wanna skip to the sound examples! But I can tell you that these Fender Texas Specials have a really nice character… Might add that I have changed the strings from Daddario EXL110 to Elixir .010 as I changed the pickups.

Hope you like the video, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe! And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar!

My original review of the Harley Benton TE-70 Black Paisley.

ReampZone Kemper profiles

M Britt Kemper profiles:

Harley Benton TE-70 at Thomann

Seymour Duncan wiring diagrams

Video Index –
05:40 – Clean, Fender SuperRev Clean
06:59 – HiGain, Fat Ed
09:10 – Crunch, Fuchs FH50
11:00 – HiGain, HKTrilogy Ultra 8S

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Rig Showcase: Pete’s Profiles – Wizard

Here’s a rig showcase for you with an amplifier not often seen – the Wizard! The Wizard amps are kind of expensive and I have not seen a Kemper profile pack of this brand before and thus it’s extra fun to present to you this Kemper profile pack from Pete’s Profiles.

I do not know exactly which model this is, by the information from Pete’s Profiles webpage it a “two channel model and also features modifications by Mark Cameron”, so I guess that makes this even more special. There are some really cool profiles in this pack and I truly enjoyed playing around with these rigs. It’s no high gain amp but of course there is gain, but perhaps more like a classic Marshall – very nice character though, if that’s your cup of brandy.

This pack will give you 70 profiles with a gain rating from three to seven and in this video I have tried to present a representative cut of those profiles. The profiles are played with a Fender Stratocaster (equipped with a Shawbucker) and an ESP Phoenix II.

Rig Showcase: ChopTones City Valvie – Essential Pack

Got the opportunity to try out the City Valvie – Essential Pack from ChopTones and decided to make this a ‘bonus video’ (I normally publish on thursdays, bonus videos comes out on sundays!). This rig pack from Choptones contains 10 studio profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp and it’s like an overview of their full City Valvie pack (50 studio and 12 direct profiles fore the KPA). The City Valvie – Essential Pack recreates the sound of a THD Picovalve Jet City 333 amplifier – a 5 watt tube amplifier that sounds really nice. I’d say this cut of the bigger pack is really versatile and Choptones has made a good pick of profiles from that bigger pack. The profiles are showcased with a Fender Stratocaster American Standard (equipped with a Shawbucker) in this showcase.

Rig showcase: Mbritt’s 5150 pack

So it’s a another rig showcase video but this is “special bonus” edition of the rig showcase – to celebrate over 150 subscribers to Have Guitar! I thought that could be a nice touch – to give you an extra video as small token of my gratitude…Thanks!

And, this is also a spanking new rig pack from Michael Britt (or M Britt profiles) that came out just a couple of days ago – the 5150 pack. Now that’s a “metal amplifier”, originally a signature model for Eddie van Halen, and it has some really nice profiles, ranging from close to clean up to drippin’ of gain but with that said it’s really flexible enough for most genres. You’ll get sound examples from both my Fender Stratocaster and the ESP Phoenix II.