Grindmachine by Audio Assault (Review / Sound demo)

A closer look at the VST amp sim Grindmachine from Audio Assault! I stumbled across an ad on Facebook where I saw this for sale – only 3.99 USD. That’s worth a try, I thought to myself and how right was I!

Grindmachine comes with 15 different amps and 22 different cabs, it’s available for both Windows and Mac (in both 32 and 64 bits versions!). I’d say if you are looking for soft nice sounds… just forget about it. This is fist-to-your-face-hard metal high-gain stuff! And it sounds good!!

For those who wonders how it was recorded… Guitar > Sound card > Reaper. Screen capture by OBS studio.

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Video index:
00:33 – Interface
02:47 – Control demo
11:19 – Djent box
13:28 – Cabs demo
15:39 – Sound demos with singlecoils

Equipment used:
Gibson Explorer Tribute/B2 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
MJT VFF Telecaster (Nocaster/Twisted Tele)

Grindmachine @ Audio Assault

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Reaper DAW and edited in Davinci Resolve. 238956478521571689

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