Kemper Rig Showcase: ReampZones Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet

Have Guitar is uber-excited to present a new Kemper Rig Showcase – ReampZone’s Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet!

Yes, it’s a (almost) brand new rig pack from ReampZone and it’s brutal! So what the heck means uberschall anyways? It’s german and it means super sonic – it’s designed for heavy and aggressive music styles. According to Bogner themselves it works especially well with detuned and baritone guitars. I’d say it works quite well with ordinary guitars as well and not only for extremely hard music.

So, don’t confuse this amp with the ordinary Bogner Uberschall. The Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet was introduced in 2009 and the Twin Jet part of the name implies that it has two channels: one clean that can go from semi clean to hot rodded high gain and one super high gain channel and to this added controls. This amplifier has some really interesting tones and a sound of its own. Just listen and judge for yourself!

And… this is the first Kemper Rig Showcase where I use the new lights. Still dialing in the settings to make the video better but I would say goodbye to those dark videos we’ve seen in the past!

Also – this is the first (but not last) Rig Showcase where I use the Ibanez Destroyer – a killer guitar, watch out for a review of that guitar here at Have Guitar in a near future!

And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar! And watch out for those pesky jet’s.


Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet

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Guitars used in this video:

Ibanez DTT700 (DiMarzio D Activator-X)

Gibson Les Paul ’76

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Greco versus Gibson

Have Guitar! presents Greco Les Paul EG-800 Custom vs Gibson Les Paul Standard. “Versus” might be a bit misleading – I just wanted to see how they sounded when used for similar sounds in a recording. Both are very nice guitars for sure. (Don’t know why the video continues after the track is silenced…)

So, Greco might be best known for being one of the “law-suit” guitar brands. Greco started producing guitars allready in 1960, the very much Gibson-like models started coming out in the earley 70’s. And then there’s whole law-suit era, which I am not going to dive into here but see the links below. The EG-800 that can be heard in this video is a copy of the black Gibson Les Paul Custom that Peter Frampton used on the classic album “Frampton comes alive!”. I am not 100 % certain but I think this Greco EG-800 Custom was manufactured in around 1978 or maybe 1979.

About my Gibson Les Paul – well, I really don’t know that much about it! It is manufactured in 1976 and I bought it for a really low price in 1986, when no-one wanted Gibson and Fender – ironically it was all about japanese racer guitars back then… The bell on the head says “standard” but there’s a stamp on the back of the head that actually says “DeLuxe”.I read somewhere that in 1976 all Les Pauls were either “Custom” or “DeLuxe” and some “Deluxes” were shipped with standard humbuckers rather than p90’s.

So, I still have the Gibson but I traded away the Greco – not that it was a bad guitar, just had the need for something else. I hope you like the video, this was the first video to be published on Have Guitar! youtube channel and nowadays there’s a whole lot more to watch… and more content being added every week. Feel free to subscribe to Have Guitar! for more lovable videos!

Peter Framptons Les Paul

Greco on Wikipedia
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