Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 9th December: Susanne Tedeschi & Derek Trucks

Another post with two guitarists and the background is… I first discovered Susanne Tedechi when she played on Conan O’Briens Late Show – a fantastic blues lady! Then a little while later I found Derek Trucks Band, also a God given guitarist… and then of course I discovered they were a pair and that they formed a band together so here they are:

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Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 8th December: Randy Rhoads

Another classic, legendary player – Randy Rhoads is for me the missing link between neoclassic shredding and old school classic rock lead and he does in such a style that I never heard any other guitarist come even close. I chose the clip below because it’s kinda interesting hearing Randys studio work separated from the rest of the music:

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Kemper Rig Showcase: Mbritt / 3rd Power 3P CSR Pack

Have Guitar! is back with a new Kemper Rig Showcase – this time I’m happy to be able to present the Mbritt / 3rd Power 3P CSR Pack! It’s a co-operation between Michael Britt and 3rd Power amplification, and yes – it’s another amp manufacturer who now offers Kemper profiles from their own amps. A very nice initiative if you ask for my opinion!

In this rig pack you will get 60 studio profiles created from the original Citizen Gain CSR prototype unit. These Kemper profiles really cover a wide range of tonal possibilities or as Mbritt states in his information sheet “everything from vintage plexi all the way to 800 land”. For myself, I was highly impressed by this pack, from the variation of the profiles to the tonal qualities they bring to the table. So, have a listen to my demo then just head on out and buy this pack already!

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Guitars used in this video:
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)

Mbritts webpage

3rd Powers website

Kemper official website

Swedish version / Svensk version:

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Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 7th December: Oliver Wood (Wood Brothers)

The Wood Brothers, a fantastic band. While Oliver Wood isn’t a shredder in any way he’s just one of those musicians that plays what is needed to for the song and in my book that beats technicality and complicated any day. Well, so here’s one their best song, if you should ask me:

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Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 6th December: Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)

I suppose Tom Morello doesn’t need any lenghty introduction. For me Rage Against the Machine was innovative and refreshing when I heard them for the time in the 90’s. Morello was a big part of that with his characteristic guitar playing like here in Bulls on Parade:

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3P CSR pack by Mbritt & 3rd Power (Sneak peak!)

Coming up this thursday – Kemper Rig Showcase with the new profile pack from Mbritt / 3rd Power. Here’s a sneak peak of the 3P CSR pack based on a 3rd Power Citizen Gain amp!

Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 5th December: Robert Flynn (Machine head)

Well, what can I say – I just love the rawness of Machine Head and the brutal guitar sound is fantastic. Robert Flynn has written some great metal riffs, just listen to the chosen track below – Desire to Fire!

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Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 4th December: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Another guitarist that just knocked me out the first time I heard him, his tone was a mountain and he’s feeling for doing both great leads and riffs was outstanding. He certainly refreshed the blues genre and his passing was sad loss… Here’s one of my favourite tracks of the great SRV:

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Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 3rd December: Angus & Malcolm Young

First time I heard AC/DC was on tape with “There’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll”. I wasn’t taken by storm but they grew on me and I still love the old albums up to “For those about to rock”, after that they have unfortunately dont made much that I like. But still, the energy of Angus stage antics and the steady rhythm of Malcolm put a mark in musical history that is legendary. This is my salute to them.

Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 2nd December: Dimebag Darell

I remember being blown away when I heard Pantera the first time, they were so technically skilled AND so brutal. And I was heartbroken when I got the news of Dimebags tragic death on stage… what a loss. Well, I could not make a list of guitarists without including Dimebag and here’s one of my favourite Pantera tracks: