Flux-Drive by Mesa Boogie (Pedal review / test / demo)

Review by Have Guitar!

The Mesa Flux-Drive is the overdrive pedal for those who want more of all the best things from an overdrive, according to Mesa themselves. Is that so? The Cambridge dictionary states that the word “flux” means “continous change”. Well, that makes no sence what so ever…

As an overdrive the Flux-Drive surely makes the job you’d expect from an overdrive, it really helps shaping what you already got soundwise rather than recreating the tone. The bass and treble controls gives you additional control over the sound, which is always welcome. These EQ controls are just set enough according to me, they will change the sound but not drastically so.

Also I must add that some of the sound demos in the video actually sounds better now, when listening to the video than what I felt about them whilst playing. The Flux-Drive was nice pedal to try out but for me personally – it is not a pedal that I will buy in the future (the pedal in the video was borrowed).

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Video index:

00:55 – Base sounds for controls demo (Fuchs Blackjack 21 MKII)
01:49 – Flux-Drive Level control
02:55 – Flux-Drive Gain control
04:14 – Flux-Drive Bass control
05:12 – Flux-Drive Treble control
06:26 – Ballad backing track w/wo pedal
07:09 – Clean sound used for presets
08:50 – Gain sound used for presets
09:21 – Preset: Mid Gain Crunch
10:10 – Preset: Singing Solo
11:40 – Preset: Flux Bump
12:57 – Preset: Slam It
13:53 – Presets talk/conclusion
14:54 – ToneJunkie Lowman 65 without pedal
15:52 – ToneJunkie Lowman 65 with pedal
17:03 – Blues backing track w/wo pedal
17:36 – End words

Equipment used:
Mesa Boogie Flux-Drive
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Green ‘White Dove’ SG (Lundgren The One)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Flux-Drive @ Mesa Boogie website

Profile packs used in this video –

ReampZone Fuchs Blackjack 21 MKII Kemper profiles

ReampZone Orange TH30 (Modded) Kemper Profiles

ToneJunkie 65 Lowman Amp Pack

Live Ready Sound 79 Mini Bender

Kemper Profling Amp

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