Review: Fender American Standard Stratocaster Shawbucker

Have Guitar presents a review of the Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS electric guitar! This Stratocaster comes with a HSS (Humbucket-Singlecoil-Singlecoil) configuration, where the humbucker is actually a Shawbucker (more about that further down) and the singlecoils are Custom Shop Fat ’50s. The color is Bordeaux metallic and this guitar is manufactured in 2014. The HSS setup on this strat really provides a wide range of tonal options, as I will try to show you in this video.

So, in this review of the Fender Stratocaster you will get good look at the guitar in splendid 4K footage, lotsa sound examples ranging from clean to high gain with all the pickups of the guitar and of course my opinions of the Stratocaster.

The Shawbucker was designed by Tim Shaw, employed at Fender and a well-known pickup guru. The Shawbucker pickup is inspired by the original PAF pickups and, according to me, it has like both humbucker and singlecoil qualities. I love the sound of it and of course you will get several sound examples in this video!

00:39 – Tech Spec’s
03:05 – Clean sound, pickups compared (Fender SuperRev clean by r.u.sirius)
04:43 – Higain (Edvaha 5150III HiSue Red by Deadlight Studio)
05:27 – How is the Fender Stratocaster to play?
08:54 – Orange Micro Dark by ReampZone
09:31 – HiGain Pitched (Pitch +4-3 by D.Petersen)
09:58 – Dumble ODS:50W HRM by ReampZone
10:57 – Soldano SL-60 Series II by ReampZone
13:11 – End words of the Fender Stratocaster

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Fender Blues Junior III and Blackstar HT-5R

Here’s a video where we showcase two fine and totally different (compared to each other) tube amps: the Fender Blues Junior III and the Blackstar HT-5R. The Fender Blues Junior III is pretty much an amp that does cleans and light overdrive sound, with no whistles or bells. On the other hand we have the Blackstar HT-5R, only 5 watts, but a whole range of options. No pedals were harmed in this video (by which I mean the guitars was plugged straight into the amps… if you didn’t get that!).

Guitars used in this video:
Fender Stratocaster American Standard HSS 2016
Gibson Les Paul Classic T 2017
Music Man StingRay 2016

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