Soul Food by Electro Harmonix (Guitar overdrive pedal test / review)

Soul Food by Electro Harmonix (Guitar overdrive pedal test / review)
Pedal Frenzy from Have Guitar!

It has taken me some time to do a proper demo of Electro Harmonix “transparent” overdrive pedal Soul Food, but I can tell you already – it’s one of my drive pedals that I use most for kicking in a sweet boost to the tones…

So what does “transparent overdrive” mean anyways? I believe that started with the legendary Klon Centaur pedal in the 90’s – what is basically does is taking what you already got and boost that. Yeah, that’s it – it doesn’t totally take over the sound, instead it can boost a good sound to something a little bit more pushed but it keeps the basic character.

As the original Klon Centaur goes for ridiculous prices, a pedal like the Soul Food from EHX is a welcome alternative with a price tag much nicer for your economy. There are other alternatives as well, in different price ranges but this video is about the Soul Food so lets keep focused on that now.

02:05 – Katana clean/Strat
04:48 – Katana clean/ESP
06:15 – Katana crunch/ESP
07:44 – Katana crunch/Strat
09:16 – LRS ODS profiles/Strat
10:17 – LRS Tweed profiles/ESP

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Equipment used in this video:
Electro Harmonix Soul Food
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Boss Katana
Kemper Profiling Amp

Electro Harmonix

JHS modded Soul Food

Builder Profile: Klon’s Bill Finnegan @ Premier Guitar

Klon Centaur @ Wikipedia

Live Ready Sound Kemper profiles

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Kemper Profiling Amp

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 and edited in Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14. Sound, unless otherwise mentioned, is recorded in Reaper.

Have Guitar FX addon for Live Ready Sounds Fried Chicken profile pack

I did some FX addons for Live Ready Sounds Kemper profile pack Fried Chicken and that is now officially released! Hope you’ll like it, it was a great profile pack before and now it might be even a little bit better! 😉 I suppose I should do a video on this now…

Fried Chicken Update ! Have Guitar EFX!

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Friday Fun – Unboxing the Neunaber Immerse

Have Guitar! presents a fast n fun Friday video – the unboxing of a Neunaber Immerse. Yes, this is just me babbling away for 10 minutes while unboxing the stomp box – if you think that sounds boring then go and pick another video. (But make sure you pick one from Have Guitar, OK?!)

The test / review will come later, I need some time to test out and get to know this reverb pedal before I do a video about it.

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Neunaber Immerse

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Pedal Frenzy: BOSS PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter / Delay

Have Guitar proudly presents a new feature on this channel – Pedal Frenzy! Stomp of the Month!

Yep, that right. I’m gonna try to present a demo video with a stomp box at least once a month from now on. I have featured effects pedals before so this is a continued effort but more structured if you like…

First out is the Boss PS-3 Digital Delay / Pitch Shifter. Not a new pedal, rather even a vintage one as I’ve had it since at least the early 90’s. So take a look, a listen to this demo to see how it sounds and how it stands up to modern effects. The Boss PS-3 is still for sale in used condition every here and there so I am pretty sure people are still using it!

05:04 – Mode 1 Delay 32-125 ms
07:49 – Mode 2 Delay 125-500 ms
12:43 – Mode 3 Delay 500-2000 ms
14:12 – Mode 4 Single Pitch Shifter: Detune
16:09 – Mode 5 & 6 Single Pitch Shifter: +/- 2 octaves (Fast & Slow)
18:59 – Mode 7 Single Pitch Shifter: +/- 2 octaves (Inverse)
20:41 – Mode 8 Dual Pitch Shifter: Detune & Detune
22:09 – Mode 9 Dual Pitch Shifter: Detune & +/- 2 octaves
23:01 – End/Conclusion

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 in HD.

Guitars used in this video:
Gibson Les Paul ’76

ReampZones Dumble pack

BOSS Webpage

Kemper official website


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Kemper Effects: Chorus Stomps

Have Guitar takes a peek at the Chorus stomps effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp. In this effects section you’ll find no less than seven chorus effects; Vintage chorus, Hyper chorus, Air chorus, Micro Pitch, Vibrato, Rotary Speaker and Tremolo – if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it’s probably not a chorus effect you are after! All of these can be placed infront or after the amplifier (virtually speaking of course) and it makes a big difference! I’ll apply all of these seven chorus effects both infront of and ‘behind’ the amp in this video and show you some settings … hopefully in an interesting way so you will learn something about these effecs in the Kemper. Heck, might even be so that you could get something out of the video even if you still run with a real tube amp and stomp boxes on the floor. All sound examples are recorded / lined into Cubase to give you a clear sound of what it sounds like in a recording situation. Guitar used in this video: Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2014 with a Shawbucker in the bridge position and Custom 50’s singlecoils. Some say the effects in the Kemper Profling Amp are not that good but I really don’t know if I agree on that statement. Too me most of them sounds good enough or even better than that… but hey, that’s me. I’m known to prefer the digital reverb in the KPA over a real spring reverb… So, with that said… or rather, written… hope you like the video! If you do please consider subscribing to Have Guitar, I’m doing my best to publish new videos every week and hopefully I get better as I do so. Thanks for watching my videos and a Very Big Thanks to all of you who allready subscribes!


Dumble ODS / 50W HRM Kemper profiles

Kemper official website


Kemper Distortion Stomps

Have Guitar takes a look at the built-in distortion effects / stompboxes in the Kemper Profiling Amp. There are seven of them; distortion, overdrives and fuzz… all trying to emulate the real deal like TS-808, MXR Distortion+, Electro Harmonix Big Muff and the ProCo Rat – to mention some of them. All of these seven distortion effects will be applied to the same profile (Orange TH30 (Modded) from ReampZone) in this video to make it easier to hear how they affect the sound and also to make it easier to hear the difference between these Kemper effects. And what would a rundown like this be worth if we didn’t turn the knobs? I’ve tested them all in four different settings (where possible as some of them doesn’t have a tone control) for maximum diversity.

Some say the distorion effects in the Kemper Profling Amp are sub-par but I really don’t know if I agree on that statement. Now, many profiles comes with gain enough allright and some profiles has been created withreal stompboxes in the chain as boosts but that doesn’t mean you cant activate these built-in effects to tweak and/or color the profile according to your taste… you kan keep the gain up but the volume up to strenghten the tone a bit, color the sound with some more / less treble or low / high pass filters through the tone control. The options are endless and the hunt for the perfect sound never stops!

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Index –
02:45 – Reference tone
03:07 – Short on adding effects
04:11 – Grean Screem (TS-808)
06:11 – Plus DS (MXR Distortion+)
07:52 – One DS (Boss DS-1)
09:59 – Muffin (EH Big Muff)
12:11 – Mouse DS (ProCo Rat)
14:00 – Fuzz DS (Dunlop Fuzz Face)
15:54 – Metal DS (Boss Metal Zone)


Kemper Amps

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Effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp

Allright, so here’s a Have Guitar-video on the topic of the built-in effects in the Kemper Prodiling Amp. It’s very basic, just to get you going, kinda like a start/tutorial video. But, also included is a section on how to connect an external stompbox through the Kempers effect loop.

More info on how & why effects loop should be used:

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