Guitar pedals – Unboxing (Behringer FX600, TCE Forcefield & Lunastone Trueoverdrive1)

Guitar pedals – Unboxing (Behringer FX600, TCE Forcefield & Lunastone Trueoverdrive1)
A video by Have Guitar

Time for an unboxing video! Three new pedals to add to the pedal board… or shelf. Let’s be straight and clear now: no playing occurs in this video, it is only the unboxing! OK?! The playing will be coming in later review/test videos…

So, the pedals are a Behringer FX600 to start with. That’s a digital stereo multi-effects pedal that offers delay, phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo and pitch shifter in one stomp! Then we have the TC Electronics Forcefield compressor, the largest pedal in the stomp format I have seen for a long time! And then there’s the Lunastone Trueoverdrive 1, a drive that promise a lot so let’s see if that holds for true in a later video.

There you go, that is it! Well, also sorry if the close up are a bit blurred, I’m still learning the action cam and I might have gone a bit too close for those close-ups! Anyways, hope you liked the video! Thanks to all my subscribers – you’re the best!

Equipment used:
Behringer FX600
TC Electronics Forcefield Compressor
LunaStone TrueOverdrive 1

Behringer FX600

TC Electronics Forcefield Compressor

LunaStone TrueOverdrive 1

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Pedal Frenzy: BOSS PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter / Delay

Have Guitar proudly presents a new feature on this channel – Pedal Frenzy! Stomp of the Month!

Yep, that right. I’m gonna try to present a demo video with a stomp box at least once a month from now on. I have featured effects pedals before so this is a continued effort but more structured if you like…

First out is the Boss PS-3 Digital Delay / Pitch Shifter. Not a new pedal, rather even a vintage one as I’ve had it since at least the early 90’s. So take a look, a listen to this demo to see how it sounds and how it stands up to modern effects. The Boss PS-3 is still for sale in used condition every here and there so I am pretty sure people are still using it!

05:04 – Mode 1 Delay 32-125 ms
07:49 – Mode 2 Delay 125-500 ms
12:43 – Mode 3 Delay 500-2000 ms
14:12 – Mode 4 Single Pitch Shifter: Detune
16:09 – Mode 5 & 6 Single Pitch Shifter: +/- 2 octaves (Fast & Slow)
18:59 – Mode 7 Single Pitch Shifter: +/- 2 octaves (Inverse)
20:41 – Mode 8 Dual Pitch Shifter: Detune & Detune
22:09 – Mode 9 Dual Pitch Shifter: Detune & +/- 2 octaves
23:01 – End/Conclusion

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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 in HD.

Guitars used in this video:
Gibson Les Paul ’76

ReampZones Dumble pack

BOSS Webpage

Kemper official website


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