Foo Fighters – best gig opening ever… Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden 5/6-18

Foo Fighters live at Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden 5/6-18 – Best intro ever!

So, just thought I’d share this – perhaps the funniest opening of a rock concert ever. If you don’t get it, last time Foo Fighter played in Sweden, in this very arena, Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg… and came back to continue the show. So this opening is just epic, unique and well I guess it takes Foo Fighters to do something like this. I just hope youtube will keep the video up so it doesn’t get deleted.

Short review of the full show:

The first openers was Frank Carter & the Rattlesnake – kick ass hard rock to metal and considering they opened the show they really got the audience going by a strong and solid performance and great audience contact.

Second out was Goat, described as Swedens most secretive band. They perform in outfits and masks that makes them anonymous and their music is not mainstream – kinda progressive psychedelic world music. Personally I loved their performance but the audience didn’t really turn on.

And then Foo Fighters – a great rock and roll show full of humour, love and surprises. They really gave it all and I loved every minute of it… just a fantastic show by a really good band.

Foo Fighters setlist:

All my life
Learn to fly
The pretender
The sky is a neighborhood
Sunday rain
My hero
These days
Another one bites the dust
Blitzkrieg bop
Under pressure
Monkey wrench
The line
Dirty water
Best of you

Times like these

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Christmas Countdown – Guitarist 25th December: Dave Grohl

There’s a couple of things to be impressed by when it comes to Dave Grohl… like him being the drummer of one of the absolutely largest bands of the 90’s (that’s Nirvana if you didn’t know) and going about to start a new band which is one of the largests rockband 30 years later and not as a drummer but as the frontman, vocalist and guitarist! And his ability to write great songs! Might not impress you but it do impress the crap out of me! 😀

This is the last entry of Have Guitars! Christmas Countdown – I hope you liked it and a Merry Christmas to You from me!

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Video Tip – Dave Grohl The Pretender Lesson

So, this is more a video on how the song came to be than a lesson but still worth watching according to me! The album “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” is already a modern classic album and Dave’s ability to arrange great songs is inspiring to say the least. So is the fact that he went from being the drummer of one of largest bands in the 90’s to being the guitarist and lead vocalist in one of the greatest contemporary bands around… if that’s not amazing I don’t know what is!