Kemper Rig Showcase: Live Ready Profiles – Fried Chicken HBE

Have Guitar ostentatiously presents a new Kemper Rig Showcase – Live Ready Profiles Fried Chicken HBE profile pack! Now that name might give you a hint of what amplifier that has been profiled – it’s the Friedman BE-100 (brown eye!).

(As said in the video) Live Ready Profiles is a relatively new profiler that according to me needs some attention, when I got this pack was pleasantly surprised by both variety and quality of the profiles. So, even if I recently did another Kemper Rig Showcase on Mattfigs BE100, I still felt this had to be done.

On Friedmans webpage it’s described as “a hand-wired, 100-watt, EL34 powered, multi-channel British-style amp. By merely adjusting the gain and master volume controls, the BE100 can produce a variety of tones, seamlessly transitioning from blues to classic rock or hard rock to metal. To say it is British-styled is just the start of describing this inspiring tone machine”.

It’s a tone beast and I think anyone would be happy to own this amp however we can’t all afford it… and that’s what makes the KPA so fantastic!

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Guitars used in this video:
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker and Custom 50’s singlecoils)
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Harley Benton TE70 Black Paisley (Fender Texas Specials)

Live Ready Profiles Fried Chicken HBE

Friedman BE-100 amplifier

Kemper Amps

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Kemper Rig Showcase: Mattfigs BE100 (Friedman BE-100)

Have Guitar! is really proud to give you a Kemper rig showcase of Mattfigs BE100 pack – a Kemper profile pack that recreates the sound of an amplifier you won’t see everyday – the Friedman BE100. The Friedman BE-100 is quite expensive so getting this pack from Mattfig could save you some dimes…

This pack will give you both Direct profiles as well as Studio profiles, from clean ones to high gain and the tonal variation between the profiles means you will get big bunch of sounds right at your fingertips.

The original Friedman BE-100 amplifier is a hand-wired, 3-channel 100 W head, used by artists like Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains. It’s made in the USA – have a look at Friedmans web page for more information on this amp!

Guitars used:
ESP Eclipse (Dimarzio Norton)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB)
Fender Amercian Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)

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Friedman BE100 pack at Mattfig/Moto Citu Mods

Freidman amplifiers

Kemper Amps

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