Tony Iommi (TI) Boost by Laney Black Country Customs (pedal test)

Pedal Frenzy by Have Guitar!

Here’s a pedal I have been looking forward to trying out, the Laney Black Country Customs TI Boost – where TI stand for Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath! So, this is a not a regular dist box but rather what is called a clean boost. It’s kinda a replica of what Iommi used in the early days of Sabbath but with some extra controls for gain, treble and base.

Just wanna say that I have used a slightly different approach in how I recorded this video… very much just improvising and noodling around as I try different settings on the pedal, I do hope it comes out OK. The editing of this video was cursed somehow… whatever could go wrong, went wrong! To a degree where I almost went ahead re-recorded it all over again. Just saying. Any comments – especially constructive critisim – is very welcome, I’m still experimenting on how to provide a nice overview of a pedal.

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A note about the gain rating below; on the Kemper Profiling Amp each profile has a gain rating from 0 to 10. So Clean to Low gain = 0 – 3, Crunch = 4 – 6 and Hi gain = 7 – 10.

02:55 – TMS Profiles TREK (MB TripRec), gain 0/10. Note: the sound here is taken from the room microphones, not lined signal.
06:14 – ToneJunkie 3p Triple Agent (3P Dial Citizen), gain 0/10. Lead to a Backing track.
06:48 – Live Ready Sound Fried Chicken (Fman BE100), gain 5/10.
11:15 – Lead to a backing track.
12:06 – Deadlight Studio Engl Extreme Aggression (Engl E636), gain 9/10.
13:40 – ReampZone Diezel Einstein 100, gain 6/10.
17:09 – Lead to a backing track.
17:51 – Some kinda of conclusion!

Laney Black County Customs

Kemper Profiling Amp

Equipment used:
Laney Black Country Customs Tony Iommi Boost
Gibson Explorer Government Series I (Dirty Finger+)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Profiles from the following vendors has been used to create this review (alphabetical order):

Deadlight Studios

Live Ready Sound


TMS Profiles


admin *AT*
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And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar! Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100, Reaper DAW and edited in Davinci Resolve.

Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition VSB (Guitar review)

Guitar review by Have Guitar

High time for a review of the Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition VSB electric guitar – I’ve had this guitar for about 1½ years now and it’s just time now for a thorough test/review video of it.

In this review video I will go through the specifications, how it is to play and give you loads of different sound demos – see the index below if you wanna go to a special part of this video. There is no information more than the pure spec’s on Schecters webpage but that seems to go for all of their instruments. The E-1 model comes in a few different variations that share the same ‘Explorer/Iceman’ style body. For more info about Schecter Guitars see the link below to the Wikipedia page about Schecter.

02:38 – Talk: head/tuners, General info etc
03:37 – Clean/low gain sound demos
(ReampZone Killer Cleans, ToneJunkie 3P Double Agent, TMS Profiles 6100 Marshall & ReampZone Freedman JJ100)
07:00 – Talk: neck/fretboard
08:39 – Crunch/mid gain sound demos
(ToneJunkie JMProto1, Live Ready Sound Plexed for Kemper, SinMix SplawnPM, Gold Lion Studio Sovtek Tube Midget 50H & BM Profiles F-man)
13:15 – Talk: body, balance, electronics etc
15:35 – High gain sound demos
(Mbritt Diftwood Mini Nightmare, Live Ready Sound The Gentleman, SinMix 2JpC & Deadlight Studio Piwi Perspective)
17:39 – Conclusion/End words

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Equipment used:
Scehcter E-1 Custom Special Edition VSB
MXR Double Double Overdrive
Laney Black Country Customs Tony Iommi Signature Boost
Kemper Profiling Amp

Scehcter E-1 Custom Special Edition VSB

Schecter Guitars @ Wikipedia

Dunlop MXR pedals

Kemper profiles used in this video comes from the following vendors:

BM Profiles

Deadlight Studios

Gold Lion Studio

Live Ready Sound

Michael Britt



TMS Profiles


Kemper Profiling Amp

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