Upgrade yer Kemper! Public Beta

It’s just a short little instructional video on how to upgrade your Kemper and in this case with the latest beta firm ware patch – Kinda like an upgraded version on my previous videos on this topic… kinda.

Well, I hope someone will have some use of it! Here’s the content of the upgrade:


added: Mix parameter in Treble Booster and Lead Booster
added: Ducking parameter, if Treble Booster or Lead Booster are used in stereo Modules
changed: Mix control of Distortion effects improved. Level is unity at Mix 0%
changed: Direct Out/Send muted immediately, if Effect Loop gets deactivated
changed: reduced latency of Pitch Shifter effects incl. Transpose
changed: sound of Formant Shifter improved in combination with Pitch Shifter effects
changed: Freeze Formants in Pedal Pitch improved
changed: Freeze Formants option added in Pedal Vinyl Stop
changed: Formant Shift as continuous controller in Pedal Pitch not useful and obsoleted

User Interface

added: Remote supports Profiler Mode
added: new MIDI option Pedals to MIDI in System Settings enables pedal controllers CC#1, 4, 7, and 11 to be sent to two external MIDI devices, even if triggered by pedals connected to Profiler or Remote
added: Master Volume display reflecting all output volumes to better illustrate its functionality
added: with the new option Signal LEDs Blue in the System Settings the color of the Input and Output LEDs can be changed
added: new warning indicating MIDI buffer overflow, if too many program chances are received within too short time frame
added: Profiler does not try to restore corrupted backup files
fixed: MIDI clock display stabilized
fixed: correct handling of Pedal Volume after Rig change, if WahPedal to Volume is enabled
fixed: correct processing of MIDI controlling changes immediately following a program change
fixed: logical conflicts between Morph Pedal and Morph Button
fixed: disabled Slots accidentally appear as enabled
fixed: Uno4Kemper conflict with relative addressing in Browser Mode
fixed: default Pitch if WahPedal to Pitch or MorphPedal to Pitch are activated.
fixed: Tuner Mode exits Performance scrolling
fixed: erroneous Locking after Mode changes
fixed: erroneous Morphing of Slot 4 in Performance edit buffer after restar
fixed: polarity option for external switches gets ignored, if a pedal is configured
fixed: correct handling of Delay on/off Tail triggered via external switch
changed: Power Amp On instead of Power Amp in PowerHead and PowerRack Output Section
changed: scale of Crystal Mix und Pitch Mix parameter changed to 0-100%
changed: option to display time on Remote on page Date and Time in System Settings (had been hidden feature before)

Kemper amps

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