Purple Platypus Octidrive MKII Limited Edition by Way Huge/Jim Dunlop (Guitar effect pedal)

Another pedal frenzy from Have Guitar – let’s have a closer look at the Purple Platypus Octidrive MKII from Way Huge! So this pedal is based on the Way Huge Red Llama overdrive but with an added frequency doubler and a hi-cut-control that will let you fine tune your sound.

This pedal is limited to 1000 units but I really don’t know if that is a really small number of units when it comes to pedals… But, it isn’t listed at Way Huge webpage so that makes me guesstimate it’s a lesser production.

So what can you expect from this pedal? Well it’s basically a fuzz but with that doubler it’s kinda different from a any ordinary fuzz. When you hit the gas with this pedal you might notice that it doesn’t always handle multiple notes at the same time too well. Or maybe you’ll like that, who knows?! For me it’s not too useful on an everyday basis but you can get some really fat weird noises with it, that might have it’s place where you’re going.

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Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Way Huge/Jim Dunlop Purple Platypus Octidrive MKII
Fulltone OCD overdrive
Kemper Profiling Amp

Way Huge pedals @ Jim Dunlop

Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive MKII @ Andertons UK

Fulltone OCD

Kemper Profiling Amp

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