Test: Sony FDR-AX100E Part II – Guitar in 4K

Allright so here’s part II – little less playing and more of my opinions so far on this camera, the Sony FDR-AX100. And it’s still not so much of a review, more on my personal needs regarding recording guitar videos for Have Guitar. All filmed in spectacular 4K resolution!

Still got a couple of occasions where the sound repeats itself in a funny way… happens only where I have cut out some videoparts and only in the rendered file – not in the original files or even when previewing the video in the software. As said, this can be due to the fact that I have mixed videos of different framerates, bit rates and resolution and sound sources. Will have to test this more in the future … or start acting up while recording so I don’t have to cut anything! 😉

Update on the above issue:
It was a bug in Corel Video Studio X9, which I by this time was using for editing the videos. Corel did sort this problem out but unfortunately it took to long, I had allready switched to Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, a software I got for free when I bought the Sony FDR-AX100.

Sony FDR-AX100E

Test: Sony FDR-AX100E Part I – Guitar in HD

This is not a review of the video camera Sony FDR-AX100, it’s more like a test of the cameras capabilities to see if it matched what I needed for recording my videos for Have Guitar. I wanted to know how it performed in a low light/indoors situations and how well it would capture music/sound – with and without the Sony XLR-K2M microphone.

There’s a few audio hickups in this video and that came during the rendering of the video – tried redoing it but they still occurs. I *think* it might have to do with me combining clips with different resolution, FPS and bitrates. It’s no showstopper and I hope this problem will go away when I shoot videos with more consistent material.

Updated issue info:
It was a bug within Corel Video Studio X9 that caused the audio problems. This bug was recently fixed in an update from Corel but it did take them too long to fix it – I had allready moved on to Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, that I got for free when I bought the camera.

Part II: Guitar in 4K is coming up… editing as this video is uploaded!

Sony FDR-AX100E

Rig Showcase: Reampzone’s Diamond Spec Ops

OK, so here’s a Rig Showcase from Have Guitar: ReampZones Diamond Spec Ops – awesome rig pack that comes with studio-, merged- and direct profiles. Fourtyfive profiles of pure rockin’ happiness!

The original amp is a 100 watts head that has been owned by one of Alice Coopers guitarists, Keri Kelly! That fact alone could make anyone wanna try this Kemper profiles pack out… but it also sounds fantastic. And I hope you’ll like the video – if you do, please support Have Guitar and subscribe; it’s free and there’s content added every week and you’re doing a good deed that’ll positive karma for ya. I promise.

Still not happy with the video … the mobile is not a much better option, especially as it cuts recording the video for some reason, just at the end but still! Also, I really need to plan my vid’s better. In this one I didn’t even warm up before I started the recording and that’s kinda shows. Well, it can only get better! 🙂

ReampZones Diamond Spec Ops:

Diamond Amplification

Restring your 2016 G FORCE

OK, so I tried making a ‘howto’ video on restringing your 2016 G-force system – it did not come out perfect, but I hope you think it is good enough and that you have some use of it. It was kinda awkward to film at the same time you’re buzy switching the strings. And as I said in the video: it makes a real difference when you do it according to Gibsons recommendations!! Trust me… 🙂 Have Guitar!

Gibson G FORCE 2016 Owner’s Manual

Kemper Performance Mode

OK, so today is double video upload day at Have Guitar! I found (!) some clips where I explain some basic things about the Performance Mode in the Kemper. Nothing fancy but hey, it’s allready on film and why not make a video out of it! If it helps anyone that’s just fine.

Kemper performance mode is perfect for live gigs/rehearsals if you have a need to switch between different profiles / sounds. It’s like a box that can contain up to five different profilers, each one accessible from the edge of your toe if you have a foot controller for your Kemper. See all about it in this highly educational video from Have Guitar! 😉

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Microphone test: Zoom H4n vs Rode nt2a

So, just a side by side sonic comparsion between the DV cam’s internal mic, the built in mic’s in the Zoom H4n and a Rode nt2a. Which one should I use for the sound in my videos?

Nowadays I either use a Sony XLR-K2M and the Rode nt2a, for recording my voice and sometimes the guitar sound. But for the guitar I now mainly line it through spdif, for a more “true” representation of the profiles sound.

Rigs used –
Clean: Fender SuperRev Clean by r.u.sirius
Crunch: Diezel Herbert_2- by r.u.sirius
Gain: Engle Powerfall Hi Sue by Deadlight Studio

Rig Showcase: ReampZone Hughes & Kettner Trilogy

Allright, I went up early this morning to get the time for a quick recording and this time it’s a first: Have Guitar Kemper Rig Showcase (originally called rig rundown). First out is the excellent Hughes & Kettner Trilogy rig pack from Reampzone. I hope you’ll like it! Still experimenting with both light and sound to get it as good as I can – this time the sound comes from my Zoom H4n, which certainly captures the sound better than my video cam.

This rig pack from Reampzone contains 8 clean channel profiles, 10 crunch channel, 11 lead channel and 13 ultra channel profiles. In the latter three some profiles are boosted with TS808 stomp. You’ll also get 9 Merged Profiles (Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra)! It’s a very nice collection of Kemper profiles and there are also five try-for-free profiles on Reampzone webshop.

Reampzone Hughes & Kettner Trilogy

MXR Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive ZW44

Have Guitar presents a showcase of the MXR Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive, also known as ZW44. The ZW44 is really versatile overdrive pedal that I have used a lot in live/rehearsal situations – not so much for extra gain but rather for the boost. It can give you that little extra you want for the solos for example and is excellent for shaping your tone in that way. (There are some noises in the background – created when importing the video into the editing software… sorry for that, I will try to find a fix for that issue for the next video.)

If you buy this pedal you shouldn’t expect to get the Wylde-sound in a stompbox. It will boost what you allready got and offer some ability to shape and tightend that sound – at least that’s my opinion. So, this isn’t a pedal that you connect to the clean channel for monster gain, you should have a descent gain channel to start with. And before someone explodes in annoyance, sure you can hook it up to your clean channel if you like that sound, it’s just not the way I use it.

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Kemper profiles used in this video:

Marshall JVM410 Kemper Profiles

Orange Micro Dark Kemper Profiles

Allmost forgot about adding a link to the backtrack but here it is!

Review: Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (shorter)

So, I decided to make a shorter version of the review and here it is in about half the time. If you don’t wanna hear me talking you can skip to 14:36, where I do some comparing soloing.

So, what’s the Gibson SG High Performance like? How does it sound? And how does it play? In this long review we will try to give you all those answer and then some… with standalone sound examples as well as together with backing tracks.

Featuring mahogany body, g-force tuners, titanium sadles and zero-fret nut, 490R & 498T pickups and a bunch of other upgrades, this isn’t your simple standard Gibson SG. It also includes an aluminium case that is ridiculusly hard to carry due to its weight.

This is an update, ten months after I bought the guitar. There is one thing that really is a let down with the Gibson SG Standard HP and that it the G-force system / tuners. Time from time I did have problems getting the guitar to stay in tune, however that seemed to be more or less sorted as I followed the restring-instructions in the manual… but after c:a 8 months the auto-tuning for the g-string stopped working. As I write this (march 17) it has been sitting in the shop for a month waiting for the replacement tuner.

Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance