Gibson USA 2018 Les Pauls

Not sure what you think but I’d say the Gibson 2018 lineup of models looks preetty sweet! And not only the Les Pauls… there’s nice Firebirds and Explorers as well.

The model I’m most interested in is the Gibson Les Paul Classic Ebony, with P90 pickups. I need a new Les Paul and I want P90s… how convinient isn’t that? I hope to be able to showcase one of those at Have Guitar! as soon as possible.

Here’s a showcase of some of those beautiful 2018 Les Pauls from Gibson on cortesey from Musician’s Friend !

Video tip: Billy Gibbons meets Les Paul

Well, I thought this is a video too cool not to share! Billy Gibbons is one of my favourite guitarists, especially on those classic ZZ Top albums from the 70’s. And Les Paul, well he is a legend. If you haven’t read about Les Paul you should, he was a genius. Would have loved seeing Billy rip it up with some classic ZZ Top tune but it’s still something worth seeing…

Les Paul on Wikipedia