Reading tip: Seth Lover – the inventor of the Humbucker guitar pickup

Just published on Reverb, an article anyone interested in guitars should read. The interview hasn’t been published before and well, according to me, this guy has some interesting thing to say about the iconic humbucker that he invented!

To the interview

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Have Guitar FX addon for Live Ready Sounds Fried Chicken profile pack

I did some FX addons for Live Ready Sounds Kemper profile pack Fried Chicken and that is now officially released! Hope you’ll like it, it was a great profile pack before and now it might be even a little bit better! 😉 I suppose I should do a video on this now…

Fried Chicken Update ! Have Guitar EFX!

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Updated ‘Plexed for Kemper’ and more

Live Ready Sound just released their “Plexed for Kemper” profile pack, you might have seen Have Guitars Rig Showcase on that, and now this profile pack has already been updated. The pack now contains 38 fine Kemper profiles and I say “fine” because that’s just what they are. Very nice captures from a Marshall Plexi amp.

Now if that is too hot for you, you might wanna check in the new “Tweed profiles” pack from Live Ready Sound. I’ve tested it and it sure sounds like a Tweed to me!

Note that both these packs are currently on sale, so get them now and any future updates for a nice price!

Live Ready Sound Kemper profiles

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Support Have Guitar!

So it might not be a complete disaster BUT the changed terms for Youtubes partnership program disqualifies Have Guitar and we can’t have it like that! A Youtube channel now needs at least 4000 viewing hours for that last year – no problem for me there! But the channel also needs 1000 subscribers or it will be kicked out from the partnership program – see, I told you sub’s are more than important to a Youtube channel!

This means that the channel will not get any revenue – not a big sweat for me as I don’t make my living out of this but I would also loose the tools within Youtube and that would indeed suck. So this video is really a cry of help! Help Have Guitar in any way you can… tell your friends, share the videos or whatever PR tricks you can come up with. And there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… hmm… or rather a new stomp box giveaway if we can reach that goal of 1000 subs. Yep, that’s right – help me out here and I’ll throw in another giveaway!

Thanks for watching my videos and also thanks for any help you can come up with (see – I’m so desperate I start handing out thanks in advance!).

Rig Manager 2.1.18 (Beta) is available!

Yes, some fixes in the new beta of Rig Manager, you can them below… I’m usually a bit more careful about new betas for the Kemper OS than what I am for these Rig Manager betas. Don’t know why though. Anyways, I have updated my Rig Manager and so far (=playing for about 2 hours) no problems.

Oh, that’s right I think you need to update to beta versions through Rig Manager (well, I can’t see the beta on Kempers webpage!) so if you haven’t:

Goto File->Preferences and check the box titled “Include Beta Test Releases”. Then click OK to close that window and go to “Help” and choose “Check for Software Updates”. Note: even if I’m careless I do not take responsibility for your installation of beta versions. And that was my disclaimer.

Features and changes in this version (2.1.18):

– Fixed: wrong author name when creating new performance
– Fixed: sync indicator shown forever after sorting rig list (Windows only)
– Fixed: wrong Tempo Enable display when selecting multiple performances (Windows only)
– Improved: handling of blocked Profiler communication (macOS 10.13 High Sierra only)
– Improved: error handling in automatic software update