Sweden Rock Festival 2017

So, I could only attend one day this year but still here’s my mini review of the bands that I managed to see… the festival itself was as well arranged as ever so the overall grade is full pot!

Phil Campell and the Bastard Sons – 5/5

They did a great job, rock and roll and of course a couple of Motörhead classics.

Apocalyptica – 2/5

Sorry, it’s just not my cup of tea!

Nifelheim – 2/5

Same here, not my style at all but I do admire them for their devotion.

Iced Earth – 3/5

Better than I expected but not really something I listen to.

Steel Panther – 1/5

A joke. A second grade Motley Crue…

Coheed and Cambria – 5/5

Never heard them before but they performed really well, lotsa energy!

Alter Bridge – 3/5

They were good but not that good.

Primus – 4/5

All respect to these guys that struggles to play their non-commercial music in todays music atmosphere…

Aerosmith – 1/5

I love Aerosmith, back in the day when they were a rock band. Not the ballad Las Vegas act they seem to be today. Sure, it’s a spectacular show and sounds just like the records but that ain’t rock and roll to me.