Kemper Effects: Reverbs!

Have Guitar takes a stint stare at the reverberation effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp. For the reverb effects in the KPA you’ll find five different types; Hall, Large room, Small room, Ambience and Matchbox. It’s a somewhat limited range of reverbs but it’s what’s available right now and in this video Have Guitar will go through them all and their settings.

Most of the sound examples are recorded / lined into Cubase to give you a clear sound of what it sounds like in a recording situation.

Guitar used in this video: Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2014 with a Shawbucker in the bridge position and Custom 50’s singlecoils.

Some say the effects in the Kemper Profling Amp are not that good but I really don’t know if I agree on that statement. Too me most of them sounds good enough or even better than that… but hey, that’s me. I’m known to prefer the digital reverb in the KPA over a real spring reverb…


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