The Beercaster

Have Guitar! presents the Beercaster! The story is in the video; it’s a very cheap build-it-yourself guitar kit bought from Germany, a telecaster style guitar that I covered with beer labels (I DO have the whiskey labels… but I don’t wanna waste them before getting some more experience!).

To be frank it both played and sounded so-so, but this was a fun project. I would still like to redo this but with better parts – this Beercaster is since long retired but hanging on the wall, if for nothing else as a conversation piece. And I can give you one advice if you wanna do something similar – skip covering the edges of guitar body! If ever do this again, I will only cover the front of the body – it’s a pain getting the labels to fit over the edges…

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Shape your tone: Kemper amplifier settings

Have Guitar! will take you through the settings for the amplifier section in the Kemper Profiling Amp in this video. These parameters can (and will) make a major difference for the sound you’re getting out from a profile. It’s just one of those things that’s good to know – for me it took awhile before I actually started using them but once you start modifying your sound with this selection, you will realize that it’s a very powerful set of tools at your disposal:

Definition (characteristic fingerprint of the preamp)
Power Sagging (interaction between the guitar signal and the distortion stage)
Pick (control the level and sharpness of the pick attack)
Compressor (different from the stomp compressor)
Clarity (changes the sound of the distortion in a new and unique way)
Tube Shape (controls the distortion characteristics of the tubes)
Tube Bias (influences the overtone structure of the distortion)
Direct Mix (can open up a parallel path to the amplifier distortion and mix a clean portion of the guitar to the distorted sound)

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The profile used in this video is Mattfig’s Vishnu pack:

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