Add effects to Performance Mode slots (Kemper Profiling Amp)

Have Guitar presents a video reply to the question, how to add effects to slots in the Performance mode in the kemper profiling Amp. Everything is easy when you know it and I’m just happy to help out. So this is a short video on how to add any effect to a slot in the performance mode.

Equipment used in this video:
Kemper Profiling Amp
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)

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Kemper official website


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Recorded with a Sony FDR-AX100 and edited in Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14.

Reaper: Route Addictive Drums 2 to audio tracks

Here’s a short but useful how-to-video for Reaper. This video will show you how to route the drum channels in XLN Audios Addictive Drums 2 to audio channels in Reaper.

Why would you like to do that?! Well, Addictive Drums 2 have some nice effects built in… but what if you want add your favourite compressor to the bass drum? Or if the overhead need some lovin from your prefered EQ? You don’t have to export the drums and import them as audio tracks – instead you can just add the effects to the routed audio tracks directly – that’s why!

This is Have Guitars first “Reaper video” and hopefully there will be more. The version of Reaper in this video is v5.40. I’ll need to find a way record video from the screen rather than just using stills, in this video I tried Flashback Pro 5 but it would not record the audio. Working on that.

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Reaper download

XLN Audio

How to use separate outputs with Addictive Drums 2

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Upgrade yer Kemper! Public Beta

It’s just a short little instructional video on how to upgrade your Kemper and in this case with the latest beta firm ware patch – Kinda like an upgraded version on my previous videos on this topic… kinda.

Well, I hope someone will have some use of it! Here’s the content of the upgrade:


added: Mix parameter in Treble Booster and Lead Booster
added: Ducking parameter, if Treble Booster or Lead Booster are used in stereo Modules
changed: Mix control of Distortion effects improved. Level is unity at Mix 0%
changed: Direct Out/Send muted immediately, if Effect Loop gets deactivated
changed: reduced latency of Pitch Shifter effects incl. Transpose
changed: sound of Formant Shifter improved in combination with Pitch Shifter effects
changed: Freeze Formants in Pedal Pitch improved
changed: Freeze Formants option added in Pedal Vinyl Stop
changed: Formant Shift as continuous controller in Pedal Pitch not useful and obsoleted

User Interface

added: Remote supports Profiler Mode
added: new MIDI option Pedals to MIDI in System Settings enables pedal controllers CC#1, 4, 7, and 11 to be sent to two external MIDI devices, even if triggered by pedals connected to Profiler or Remote
added: Master Volume display reflecting all output volumes to better illustrate its functionality
added: with the new option Signal LEDs Blue in the System Settings the color of the Input and Output LEDs can be changed
added: new warning indicating MIDI buffer overflow, if too many program chances are received within too short time frame
added: Profiler does not try to restore corrupted backup files
fixed: MIDI clock display stabilized
fixed: correct handling of Pedal Volume after Rig change, if WahPedal to Volume is enabled
fixed: correct processing of MIDI controlling changes immediately following a program change
fixed: logical conflicts between Morph Pedal and Morph Button
fixed: disabled Slots accidentally appear as enabled
fixed: Uno4Kemper conflict with relative addressing in Browser Mode
fixed: default Pitch if WahPedal to Pitch or MorphPedal to Pitch are activated.
fixed: Tuner Mode exits Performance scrolling
fixed: erroneous Locking after Mode changes
fixed: erroneous Morphing of Slot 4 in Performance edit buffer after restar
fixed: polarity option for external switches gets ignored, if a pedal is configured
fixed: correct handling of Delay on/off Tail triggered via external switch
changed: Power Amp On instead of Power Amp in PowerHead and PowerRack Output Section
changed: scale of Crystal Mix und Pitch Mix parameter changed to 0-100%
changed: option to display time on Remote on page Date and Time in System Settings (had been hidden feature before)

Kemper amps

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How to change strings: Gotoh Magnum locking tuners

Have Guitar presents a small video on how to change your strings on a guitar with Gotoh Magnum locking tuners. This is the Gotoh Magnums without a “wheel” on the back of the tuners, not 100 % sure but I think these ones are from the SG-series.

These Gotoh Magnum tuners works like this; inside the tuner peg you have a locking shaft and by fixating the top of the tuner peg that shaft will either loose or tighten as you twist the tuner – in other words either detatching or attaching the string. I think this will be more clear to you as you watch the video.

I’ve tossed in a couple of others bits here as well, tips that might come in handy if you don’t know about them before. Hope you will have some use of this video!

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Gotoh webpage

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Guitars used in this video:
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)

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Rig Manager Update 2.0.18

A short informational video about the Kemper Rig Manager update 2.0.18. It fixes some problems and that is of course a good thing but I believe the best part are the new free profiles that gets installed with the update. Have Guitar takes you along the upgrade process and reveals what awaits you after the upgrade…

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M Britts webpage

Kemper official website

Kemper Distortion Stomps

Have Guitar takes a look at the built-in distortion effects / stompboxes in the Kemper Profiling Amp. There are seven of them; distortion, overdrives and fuzz… all trying to emulate the real deal like TS-808, MXR Distortion+, Electro Harmonix Big Muff and the ProCo Rat – to mention some of them. All of these seven distortion effects will be applied to the same profile (Orange TH30 (Modded) from ReampZone) in this video to make it easier to hear how they affect the sound and also to make it easier to hear the difference between these Kemper effects. And what would a rundown like this be worth if we didn’t turn the knobs? I’ve tested them all in four different settings (where possible as some of them doesn’t have a tone control) for maximum diversity.

Some say the distorion effects in the Kemper Profling Amp are sub-par but I really don’t know if I agree on that statement. Now, many profiles comes with gain enough allright and some profiles has been created withreal stompboxes in the chain as boosts but that doesn’t mean you cant activate these built-in effects to tweak and/or color the profile according to your taste… you kan keep the gain up but the volume up to strenghten the tone a bit, color the sound with some more / less treble or low / high pass filters through the tone control. The options are endless and the hunt for the perfect sound never stops!

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Index –
02:45 – Reference tone
03:07 – Short on adding effects
04:11 – Grean Screem (TS-808)
06:11 – Plus DS (MXR Distortion+)
07:52 – One DS (Boss DS-1)
09:59 – Muffin (EH Big Muff)
12:11 – Mouse DS (ProCo Rat)
14:00 – Fuzz DS (Dunlop Fuzz Face)
15:54 – Metal DS (Boss Metal Zone)


Kemper Amps

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Effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp

Allright, so here’s a Have Guitar-video on the topic of the built-in effects in the Kemper Prodiling Amp. It’s very basic, just to get you going, kinda like a start/tutorial video. But, also included is a section on how to connect an external stompbox through the Kempers effect loop.

More info on how & why effects loop should be used:

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Upgrading the Kemper OS (through Rig Manager 1.6)

Have Guitar presents a short video on the new way to upgrade the Kemper OS through Rig Manager version 1.6. Way easier than before but it do take a computer with an Internet connection to do it (in this video I’m upgrading the Kemper Profiling Amp from 4.0.6 to 4.2.2. via Kemper’s Rig Manager).

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Kemper Amps

Restring your 2016 G FORCE

OK, so I tried making a ‘howto’ video on restringing your 2016 G-force system – it did not come out perfect, but I hope you think it is good enough and that you have some use of it. It was kinda awkward to film at the same time you’re buzy switching the strings. And as I said in the video: it makes a real difference when you do it according to Gibsons recommendations!! Trust me… 🙂 Have Guitar!

Gibson G FORCE 2016 Owner’s Manual

Kemper Performance Mode

OK, so today is double video upload day at Have Guitar! I found (!) some clips where I explain some basic things about the Performance Mode in the Kemper. Nothing fancy but hey, it’s allready on film and why not make a video out of it! If it helps anyone that’s just fine.

Kemper performance mode is perfect for live gigs/rehearsals if you have a need to switch between different profiles / sounds. It’s like a box that can contain up to five different profilers, each one accessible from the edge of your toe if you have a foot controller for your Kemper. See all about it in this highly educational video from Have Guitar! 😉

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