Katana amplifier from Boss – Building a liveset

Katana amplifier from Boss – Building a liveset

So I have played around with the sneaky amps of the Boss Katana and started building a liveset with them. This is it! Or rather, it’s the second take…!

Getting the Boss Katana to sound good isn’t that hard in my opinion. Capturing those sounds, that’s another story. I did a first video awhile back but was not pleased with the outcome so thus this is the second take. In this video I have used both microphones and lined recordings but I still have to say that these sound settings sounds a lot better in real life!

You can find the link to this Liveset below, do download it and try it out for yourself!

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01:27 – 01 Match Drive, low gain blues/rock tone
04:03 – 02 R-Fire Modern, high gain lead
05:30 – 03 JC-120, Fat clean/Crazy sustain
07:04 – 04 Clean Twin, ambient style
08:40 – 05 Combo Crunch, dirty rock/blues tone
10:00 – 06 Coremetal, metal-ish tone

Equipment used in this video:
Boss Katana 100w combo amp-pack
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)

Download link LiveSet

Boss website

Sneaky amps liveset

FxFloorBoard software

Live Ready Sound (Impulse Responses)

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Boss Katana Artist

I guess noone has missed the top seller Katana amp from Boss? Well, Boss isnt at sleep after that success story and here’s a video on the Boss Katana Artist from Rabea. Now Boss… can I have one of those??! 😉

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GT FX FloorBoard v2 for the Boss Katana released

So there is a new “pre-release” out of Gumtowns FX FloorBoard software out for the Boss Katana. If you don’t know about this software it’s like a replacement or alternative to the Boss Tone Studio. One of the good things with the FX FloorBoard is direct access to the “sneaky amps” and much more. This version is as mentioned not the final release but still a step up of course from the previous version.

Forum thread about the FX Floorboard on Vguitar forum

Direct download link FX FloorBoard

Boss Katana sneaky amps and the original amps

So, I got kinda curious about all those ‘sneaky amps’ that is “hidden” within the Boss Katana guitar amplifier. And for that sake, those five amp styles available from the physical knob – what are they based on? Did some searching and didn’t really find a compiled list so I created one. And once that was done, well why not publish it here – hopefully there are other Katana owners that would be interested in this. Anyways here it is:

GT-100 Name – Katana LED
FULL RANGE (Original BOSS amp) – Acoustic
JC-120 (Roland JC-120) – Clean
TWEED (Fender Bassman) – Crunch
5150 (Peavey 5150 Lead) – DRIVE Lead
SLDN (Soldano SLO-100) – Brown

The sneaky amps (GT-100 name – Original amp name)


Custom – Original BOSS amp


JC-120 Clean – Roland JC-120
CLEAN TWIN Clean – Fender Twin Reverb


TWEED Crunch – Fender Bassman 4×10
COMBO CRUNCH – Original BOSS amp
STACK CRUNCH – Original BOSS amp
PRO CRUNCH – Original BOSS amp
DELUXE CRUNCH – Fender DeLuxe Reverb
VO DRIVE – Vox AC-30TB Drive sound
VO LEAD – Vox AC-30TB Lead sound
MATCH DRIVE – Matchless DC-30 left input


5150 DRIVE – Peavey EVH 5150 Lead channel
HiGAIN STACK – Original BOSS amp
XTREME LEAD – Original BOSS amp
CORE METAL – Original BOSS amp
BG LEAD – Mesa Boogie IIb combo amp lead sound
BG DRIVE – Mesa Boogie IIb with treble shift on
MS1959 I – Marshall Plexi channel I
MS1959 I+II – Marshall Plexi with channels paralleled
R-FIRE VINTAGE – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Ch2 Vintage mode
R-FIRE MODERN – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Ch2 Modern mode
T-AMP LEAD – Hughes & Kettner Triamp 3
BGNR UB – Bogner Uberschall


SLDN – Soldano SLO-100
POWER DRIVE – Original BOSS amp
ORNG RB – Orange Rockerverb

You can download a liveset from Vguitarforums to access all the sneaky amps except the “CUSTOM amp”. Just import this liveset and use/tweak the included tone settings based on those amps to your liking, then you can save it to your Katanas preset slots or your own liveset. This liveset includes all the sneaky amps and separate BRIGHT settings – a total of 30 variations.

Liveset at Vguitarforums

Another option is Gumtowns Katana FxFloorBoard editor that gives direct access to 29 amps. It also has a bunch of other nice features – follow the link to read all about it. There’s been some compability problems with the new Katana firmware updates but it works as it is for both Mac and Windows.

Gumtown’s Katana FxFloorBoard Editor

Boss Katana: Discover the FxFloorBoard editor

Lo and behold – Gumtowns FxFloorBoard for the Boss Katana! There’s a good chance you will already know about this alternative software editor but I’m thinking there are probably some people out who hasn’t. This video is for those poor uneducated souls.

This video is actually also like a first impression for me, shot it as I installed the editor and tested it for the first time. So please, don’t expect too much of it – it’s basically me looking around and showing off the capabilities of the FxFloorBoard.

There’s been a high level of Katana activity on Have Guitar! this week – next Thursday it’s time for a new Kemper video.

Equipment used in this video:
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Boss Katana 100w 1×10

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This video in SvedishDenna video på svenska:


Boss website – Katana Amps

Vguitar Forums (have dedicated sub forums for the Boss Katana)

Vguitar Forums – GumTown’s Katana FxFloorBoard Editor

(An alternative software editor that gives you direct access to the ‘sneaky amps’ and much more!)

Boss Katana @ The Gear Page

Tone Settings from Guitarpatch.com

Review of the Boss Katana in English

Svensk recension av Boss Katana

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Shot with a Sony FDR-AX100 in HD. Edited in Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14. Recordings in Reaper.