Acoustic Dream by Live Ready Sound|Kemper profiles demo

Something new from Live Ready Sound – a Kemper profile pack for acoustic guitars is just what Acoustic Dream is all about. 30 profiles for your Kemper and a wide selection of sounds is what you get here!

So this pack offers a smooth way to record acoustic guitars without the hassle of setting up a microphone. I have demoed most of the profiles as they come except for one case where I did some EQ:ing so cut off some high end. As always any change to the profile is shown on screen as the change is made.

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01:31 – Guitars sound demo without profiles
02:14 – Profile tests starts
07:48 – End words

Equipment used:
Yamaha APX700II-12
Takamine FD360SC
Kemper Profiling Amp

Acoustic Dream @ Live Ready Sound

Röde NT2-A

Yamaha APX-series acoustic guitars

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