Driftwood Purple Nightmare – High Gain! by G1 Productions (Kemper profiles demo)

Time to demo the Dirtfwood Purple Nightmare from G1 Productions! The sounds is in the name – High Gain is what this profile pack is all about. Actually I do believe that is kinda what the original amp is all about as well!

The Driftwood amplifiers seems to be awesome beasts and that is reflected in these profiles! They are expensive but judging from the sound they are worth it. The Purpe Nightmare even comes with a built-in Tube Screamer! If you wanna read more about the amp I have provided the link to the product page at Driftwood amps, below.

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Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Ibanez DTT700 (DiMarzio D Activator-X)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Driftwood Purple Nightmare @ G1 Productions

Purple Nightmare @ Driftwood Amps

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