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Well, here’s something I’ve haven’t done before – some cool riffs from a classic band, ZZ Top. I’m not near Billy Gibbons but he has been one of my favourite guitar slingers for many a years. To me this is useful little exercise, as I have found that every time you oick out something from another guitarist you learn something new that didn’t know before. And it’s fun. (And no, I don’t play’em perfectly – it’s only rock and roll…)

I am not saying this is the best riffs or songs from ZZ Top but I tried to find five riffs that people haven’t heard ad nauseam. Also in the video I don’t spend any time motivating why so here’s a short run through of that, if anyone’s interested:

Shiek (Tres Hombres, 26 July 1973)
Just a groovy, funny song that kinda catched me the first I heard it. As many times the lyrics are kinda droll… “I met a Sheik from Mozambique”.

Just Got Paid (Rio Grande Mud, 4 April 1972)
Good drive with a great riff, I’ve played this live several times and it’s just one of those songs that are fun to play. “I was born my papa’s son,
When I hit the ground I was on the run”

Down Brownie (Rio Grande Mud, 4 April 1972)
Not a song that I have listened alot to but the riff kinda stuck when I decided to make this video. “Gonta drive on a flatbed trailer truck,
Down on highway fifty-nine”

Heard it on the X (Fandango!, 18 April 1975)
Another ZZ Top classic that just hit home with that first marking and then that driving riff. “Country Jesus, hillbilly blues,
That’s where I learned my licks”

Waitin’ for the bus (Tres Hombres, 26 July 1973)
A song I never grow tired of, from the opening with those perfect drum fills and the groove that just swings! “Well, I’ll be ridin’ on the bus till I Cadillac”

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Video index:
00:24 – Shiek
01:04 – Just Got Paid
01:51 – Down Brownie
02:08 – Waitin’ for the bus
02:35 – Heard it on the X
03:04 – End words

Equipment used:
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G&L Asat Z3 (Z-coils)
Kemper Profiling Amp

Profile packs used in this video
Shiek – ToneJunkie Tweed Twin Lowman

Just Got Paid – SinMix Mars JMP

Down Brownie – ReampZone Orange TH30 Mod

Waitin for the Bus – Live Ready Sound Fried Chicken

Heard it on the X – Deadlight Studios Piwi Perspective

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