Dirty Surly by ToneJunkie (Kemper profiles demo)

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Just decided to release this video today as it’s the last day of my vacation. Not that I wanna celebrate that but… well, here we go!

Well, I’m pretty sure I call this pack ‘Dirty Shelly’ or something like that in the video but the correct name is of course Dirty Surly! And watta pack it is! I was very impressed by the tone you could squeeze out from this ToneJunkie release – and it sound great with that overdrive, Sweet Cream, and reacts very nice when you push back the volume control of your guitar!

So, this pack aims at recreating the tone from a Friedman Dirty Shirley (see a link provided below), all I can say is I would looooove to do some reviews of the real thing when it comes to Friedman amplifiers. More or less every Kemper profile pack of Friedman’s are very impressive and the real deal would be a dream to play!

The original amp (40 watt) was designed for those looking for a classic rock tone, think Marshall JTM45 but with some extra gain available a’la Friedman. I’d say that is quite clear while playing with these profiles. It’s a profile pack that is up to par with what you can expect from ToneJunkie – bleeping good!

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Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II (Seymour Duncan JB/’59)
Harley Benton TE70 Black Paisley (Fender Texas Specials)
Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive
Morley Bad Horsie 2
Kemper Profiling Amp

ToneJunkie – Dirty Surly Kemper profile pack

Tone City Pedals

Dirty Shirley @ Friedman amps

Kemper Profiling Amp

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