New Reverbs from Kemper OS 6 (Kemper effects demo)

A video by Have Guitar

The new Kemper Profiling Amp OS is out now and with that comes two new reverbs – the formant reverb and the Ionosphere reverb. This is good news, free updates keeps the Kemper unit alive and exiciting! Of course everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of OS 7 that should (hopefully) give us an editor and maybe even more goodies but for now this is still something nice for all of us!

The Formant “reverb filters to the Cirrus Reverb to give the reverb tail more color, and a very distinctive, choir-like sound. The main purpose of the Formant Reverb, however, is not to create a realistic choir sound, but to give it a certain character, making it sound more like a synthesizer or Mellotron. The formants also help the reverb cut through the mix, even at moderate volume levels”. Quote from the Kemper manual. There are some new parameters for the reverb that I really didn’t include in the video; Formant mix (balance the unfiltered reverb sound against the filtered sound), Formant wovel (Use this to morph continuously between the vowels U, O, A, E and I), Formant offset ( The “voice” character will become more feminine or childlike when turned to the right, and more masculine when turned to the left) and Formant peak (Controls the resonance, or q-factor).

The Ionesphere reverb “is based on the Cirrus Reverb and Formant Reverb. Featuring the finest pitch and shimmer reverbs, it builds on the concept and takes into brand new territory”. Again, quote from the manual. New parameters here are; Pitch mix (Mixes the unpitched original input signal with the two pitched versions), Pitch 1 & 2 (Sets the pitch offset of the two crystal pitch shifters, independently, in semitones), Pitch buildup (a feedback control in the reverb that feeds back the signal output of the two crystal pitch shifters back to their input) and Brass (In addition to the string-like effect of the crystal pitch shifters, the “Brass” parameter allows you to bring some nonlinearities to the reverb structure, giving it a brasher sound, more like that of a brass section).

In this video I’ll show you how to obtain the Kemper OS update and the new reverb presets and demo some of those presets. Hope you’ll like the video – if you like it support Haev Guitar with a subscription! As always a Big Thanks to you who already do so!!

Equipment used:
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1976
Kemper Profiling Amp

Live Ready Sound – 79 Mini Bender

7-zip (free open-source file archiver)

Kemper Profiling Amp

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