Gibson SG Government Series 1 (Guitar review)

Guitar review by Have Guitar!

I must confess I am blessed by having a friend who’s as guitar crazy as I am… if not this (and several other videos) would not have happend! So, he went about and bought two Gibsons from the Government Series 1 and this is the first review where I take a close look at the Gibson SG Government Series 1. A big Thanks to Klas for letting me try out these guitars!

All the details about this SG is in the video – that is, all the details that I could find! There isn’t that much information available actually… and to be honest, I wasn’t even aware about the the Government models until my buddy bought these. They are kinda rare as each model was produced in only 300 units, perhaps even less for some of the them. All models in the Series 1 goes in gray/black and there is also a Series 2 that goes in tan/brown and black. Another funny details about the Government Series 1 is that the cases goes in green and black!

So, hope you’ll like this video – I certainly enjoyed recording it. Just gonna mention that this video is in 24 FPS instead of the usual 50 FPS. Sorry for that but it’s kinda annoying in the new video editing software that I’m using (Davinci Resolve) that stuff like that should be set before editing any media – once you’ve added the media it cannot be changed, so it was a miss from side. Thanks goes out to all my subscribers!!

A note about the gain rating below; on the Kemper Profiling Amp each profile has a gain rating from 0 to 10. So Clean to Low gain = 0 – 3, Crunch = 4 – 6 and Hi gain = 7 – 10.

01:27 – Clean to low gain
(Pete’s Profiles – Wizard, Deadlight Studios – Piwi Perspective, BM Profiles – Fman, ToneJunkie – Bad Kitty Luke)
03:25 – Talk: head/neck etc
05:55 – Crunch
(SinMix – Fireman, Live Ready Sound – 6160P, ToneJunkie – Mini Plexi, ReampZone – Dumble ODS)
08:26 – Talk: playability, pickups etc
11:43 – Hi Gain
(Deadlight Studios – Bengl Extreme Aggression, ReampZone – Krank Rev 1, Live Ready Sound – The Gentleman, TMS Profiles – Mesa MK V)
14:32 – Some kinda conclusion

Equipment used:
Gibson SG Government Series 1 (Dirty Fingers)
Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (490R/498T)
Morley Bad Horsie 2 wha
Suhr Riot
Kemper Profiling Amp

Profiles from the following vendors has been used to create this review (alphabetical order):

BM Profiles

Deadlight Studios

Live Ready Sound

Pete’s Profiles


SGL Profiles


TMS Profiles


Kemper Profling Amp

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